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Meet Lori

I am a wife, as well as a biological, adoptive, and special needs mom who loves my crew to the moon and back — too much at times! I also love Jesus like crazy so it makes sense that I love to write, speak, and teach others about Him, His character, and His love for us.

My heart aches when I see untapped potential. The kind meant to do remarkable things, but get buried beneath stuff like fear, shame, and insecurity because of lies planted within our minds. I lived that way for too long. I saw myself as the reflection of my mistakes — my brokenness — and the labels of the world. It was a long time before I finally saw myself in the reflection of my Savior and began to fully live.

Today I know God’s love in a whole new way. A life-changing way. And I am honored to help you discover His love in that same kind of way. Join me here as we navigate life as women, wives, mothers, daughters, and friends. I’ll share my struggles and strategies while we hold tight to Jesus along the way.

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Know Who You Are

Know Whose you are

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

If you’ve never been to church before, or if you have and it left you feeling confused and unhappy, or if you just want to be challenged spiritually and grow closer to the heart of God, I want to help you do that.

The world is a difficult place. It’s unsteady at its best and often gives us an angry lopsided destructive view of who we are. It isn’t a place we can look to for belonging or worth. But Jesus is. His steady and redemptive love for us gives us the hope we need. We can look to Him for our reflection of belonging and worth. When we do we discover how marvelous and wonderful we really are!

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I can’t stop what the world throws at you, but I do have a little something to help you put a stop to the fading of your hope and joy. It’s a free 5-Day Hope Toolkit that will put your focus back on what’s most important. It will give you information that is positive and life-giving. And it will help you implement daily habits that will drown out the negative noise and fill your hope tank back up.

When your reservoir of joy and hope is depleted, you need to begin looking in the right places. Each day, we are bombarded with negative news. With this free 5-Day Hope Toolkit, you will learn how to implement strategies to refill that reservoir and live with HOPE! #hope #joy #wordofgod #prayingscripture #bibleverses #livewithhope #christianliving #toolkit #freeprintable #learntopray #prayer #selftalk

What Others Have to Say

Do you need encouragement about prayer? The best place to go is straight to the Scripture within the pages of your Bible. God has given us the reasons why we pray, what He longs to hear about from us, His promises to us, and even step by step guidance for how to pray! Read more, including 10 Bible Verses about prayer, a uniquely written printable prayer to help you get started, and more!
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Need Encouragement About Prayer? Let’s See What the Bible Says!

As I watched the women from the event pray, I knew that somewhere I had lost my passion. I needed encouragement about prayer. I longed to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and the closeness of God again. It wasn’t Him who had distanced Himself. It was me. I was thankful it was time…

Do you know what God says about fear in the Bible? God doesn't want us to be afraid. He wants us to follow His word and find peace, for He is with us. We are not alone in our journey. Turn to scripture with these 10 verses about fear in the Bible and this prayer for strength in this and all trying times.
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Why Is It Important to Know What God Says About Fear in the Bible?

What God says about fear in the Bible equips us to win the battle and overcome it. God refers to the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit. It’s the weapon portion of our armor that not only serves as a shield, or protection from the enemy, but as a weapon with which…