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The heart of my message is the power of knowing and embracing who we are in Christ. When we fully grasp the depth of our worth and meaning here on this earth, everything is changed.

The brokenness of our past is made whole.

The labels placed on us by the ugliness in this world are canceled.

We change. We are made new.

And when that happens every relationship in which we engage is strengthened.

Our purpose becomes clearer. Our self-worth solid, we set out in pursuit of the calling on our lives.

Friends, when we know the One who created us and calls us His chosen and worthy we are set free!

So what I write here all comes back to knowing this truth. Whether it’s in our marriages, work, or friendships. In how we live free, chase after our dreams, or look at the world around us knowing who and Whose we are matters! Each of the series you find here will encourage and equip you to live a hope-filled victorious life.

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The need for God's unconditional love crosses all divides — racial, social, cultural, geographical, and financial. It's the God-sized-hole in our hearts that longs for more. Learn more about this love and join me in a 7-part series featuring Biblical lessons, free printable Bible verses, prayers, Scripture based journal, and more. #godslove #godsunconditionallove #christianliving #freeprintables #bibleverses #prayerforgodsunconditionallove #hope #freeprintablejournal In this series, we will give you meaningful Bible verses and prayers for your every need. The series will include verses and prayers for all the critical parts of our live —worry and stress, trusting God, unconditional love, a grateful heart, faithfulness, not giving up, joy, courage, and insecurity. #bibleverses #bible #scripture #prayer #wordofgod #meaningfulbibleverses #favoritebibleverses #joy #insecurity #worryandstress #trustinggod    What does it look like to live a surrendered life in Christ? How do I experience the fullness of God's love? Both are the answer to experiencing wholeness, freedom, and joy on this side of the cross. | Lessons from the Surrendered Hearts book by Lori Schumaker | #surrenderedheartsbook #hope #livesurrendered #godslove #freedominchrist #joy   A series to help you grow in your prayer life. #howwepray #godslove #prayer #prayscripture #learntopray #helpmepray #prayerwarrior         Feeling Disconnected? When Your Connection to Others Feels Broken | Help for successful relationships | #SuccessfulRelationships #series #relationshiptips #identity #reconnectingrelationships       The Something Better Series by Lori Schumaker - A series of 6 posts written by courageous women who have stepped out of pain and dysfunction and into their something better.The Something Better Series by Lori Schumaker - A series of 6 posts written by courageous women who have stepped out of pain and dysfunction and into their something better. In this series you will find tips, strategies, and hope as you step toward your something better!   21 Days, 3 Steps and 21 Scriptures to put away our questions of worth and unconditionally delight in God's love    Chosen and Worthy Series | Repairing a Broken Identity #identityinchrist #hope #series #selfworth  Hope for the Back-to-School Mom | A series by Lori Schumaker | Encouragement for Moms as they navigate their child's school year.     9 Christian Bloggers Share Their Best Posts All Summer Long! - The Summer Sizzle Blog Hop Series    A God-Sized Series by Lori Schumaker - Surrendering ourselves and turning to the One source that can fill emptiness, heal approval addiction, restore our brokenness, and fill us with hope.    Building a Lasting Love Story - A 6-week series with the secrets to loving your spouse well in each season of marriage. Join guest writers as they share their secrets and truths from each stage of marriage. -Lori Schumaker - Searching for Moments          The Grateful Heart Mini-Series by Marva Smith of Sun Sparkle Shine and Lori Schumaker of Searching for Moments - Is your heart not in a place of gratitude right now? Do you need some encouragement? This series offers just that and more! #GratefulHeart