A Free Prayer Resource: Understanding The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is far more than a memorized set of words. It is actually the way Jesus taught us to pray.

But Why? Why Did Jesus Teach Us to Pray This Way?

Are you like so many who know of The Lord’s Prayer but don’t quite grasp the depth and power behind the words? Do you desire to understand exactly why Jesus taught us to pray this way?

Maybe you would like the materials to teach your small group, Bible Study, or others the why behind The Lord’s Prayer?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I created this free prayer resource specifically for you!

Thousands of readers have come to my site for a post titled Why Is Praying the Lord’s Prayers a Powerful Way to Pray. That fact alone told me that many of us are longing to understand more about prayer and more about The Lord’s Prayer in specific. Something brings us back to this prayer again and again. We feel the power in it, but we don’t understand it.

We wonder – is it nostalgia? Or is there more?

The answer is yes. There is more.

Imagine the 12 Disciples, having given up everything to follow Jesus, they spent day and night with Him. They lived alongside Him witnessing His miracles, watching His prayer life and witnessing His relationship with His Father.

Next, take your imagination to the crowds of people drawn to Jesus. Listening and watching, they knew there was something different about Him. They, too, witnessed and experienced His healings and miracles. They gathered around Him longing for more. Often, they simply wanted to touch Him.

They chose Him and followed Him, yet all still wondered, “How do we pray?”

The 12 Disciples walked away from everything to follow Jesus, yet still, they wondered, "How do we pray?" Is it any wonder that we have the same questions? This free resource gives you the answers to your questions. Share on X

Jesus answers the 12 disciples when they ask Him as written in the book of Luke. Then again, he answers the question in Matthew 6:9-13. But this time, it’s not to just the disciples. It is to the crowds during the Sermon on the Mount.

In each scenario, He provides a framework for prayer. Not merely words to utter by memory. But a framework for connecting heart and soul to our Father.

He knew you and I would wonder. And as always, He planned well in advance to give us all we need to walk in relationship with Him. To grow deeper in our faith and to boldly approach the throne in prayer.

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.” -Hebrews 4:16 NLT

Do you or your ministry need a resource that helps you grasp the full meaning of the Lord's Prayer? This is a free practical and printable prayer resource for individuals and ministry leaders. It includes a detailed worksheet/journal page, descriptive insight and Biblical background, and 6 printable event station posters with easy set-up instructions. | The Lord's Prayer Meaning #lordsprayer #prayer #powerofprayer #hope #prayerresource #ministryresource #printablekit

What Is In This Free Prayer Resource?

It is designed to help us grasp the full meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, rather than as a set of memorized words. It teaches us the framework Jesus provided and helps us apply the Lord’s Prayer to the prayers of our daily life.

The Lord’s Prayer is broken down into 5 elements:

  1. Praising
  2. Yielding
  3. Requesting
  4. Confessing
  5. Protection

In this free prayer resource, we dig into each of these elements giving you an opportunity to reflect upon and then journal about this specific area in your life. Upon the completion of all 5 elements, you will have a powerful prayer that transfers over to the words you may have long ago memorized. And I promise that you will never again recite the Lord’s Prayer in quite the same way. They will never again be just words. Instead, they are words that will resonate deeply.

Whether it is just for personal or ministry use, everything you need is included in this free prayer resource.

  1. Detailed worksheets for each element with Biblical background and commentary.
  2. A journal page to jot down personal reflections and prayers.
  3. 6 printable event station posters with easy set-up instructions
A short video to share a bit more about this resource.

I pray this prayer resource will help you understand the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. That it will serve to draw you and those you share it with closer to Christ. And, friends, I pray it gives you courage and boldness as you go before Him in prayer.