How Do I Really See Myself Online Quiz

GroUse This Online Identity Quiz to Help You Move Forward in Life

In order to move forward in any area of life, we must first know where to start. This Online Identity Quiz determines your IF, or Identity Factor, giving you an idea of how you see yourself as a child of God. You’ll gain insight into whether you believe more of what the world and its brokenness says about you or of what God says about you.

And by the way, it’s free. So, what do you have to lose? Get started now!

How do you see yourself? A free quiz to help you gain perspective of your self-view. Is your identity firmly rooted in Christ or does the world keep you unsteady? #identityinchrist #identity #loveofGod #selfworth #childofGod

Take the Identity Factor Online Quiz and find out your Identity Factor (IF).

How you see yourself matters to the health of all your relationships and to the fullness with which you live your life.  Understand who you are through intimately knowing the One who calls you His treasured inheritance … the One who created you with purpose.

This Identity Factor Online Quiz will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. In doing that, it gives you a place to start a journey of growth. You do not have to stay where you are. Begin moving now from where you are to where you want to be.

Would you like tools and encouragement to help you improve your identity in Christ and how you see yourself as His precious child? Start with one of these options!

Looking for a fun, creative way to dive into the Word of God and discover your true identity? Explore 17 Identity in Christ Bible Verses that will encourage your soul, and grab free printable coloring pages to express your faith with colors and creativity!
Discovering My Identity in Christ is a workbook designed to help you break free from insecurity and discover who you truly are in Christ. Walk through the steps of recognizing, planning for, and replacing negative self-talk and lies with the Truth of who God says you are. Prayers, journaling space, a 21-Day of Truth Challenge, and Scripture cards are all a part of this program! Begin establishing these healthy life-giving habits today!
  You will never look at yourself, God, or others the same way again after this new 7-week Bible study by Lori Schumaker. Not only will you unravel the mystery of how God loves you, but also grow in your relationship with Him as you take time each day to meditate on what He has written about his own never-ending love for us. The Scriptures are beautiful and filled with truth that will set your heart free! This is a printable pdf ebook that works well on any digital device. Start experiencing the fullness of God's love today! 

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