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I can’t stop what the world throws at you, but I do have a little something to help you put a stop to fading hope and joy.

It’s a free 5-Day Hope Toolkit that will put your focus back on what’s most important. It will:

  • give you information that is positive and life-giving.
  • help you implement daily habits to drown out the negative noise and refill your hope tank.
When your reservoir of joy and hope is depleted, you need to begin looking in the right places. Each day, we are bombarded with negative news. With this free 5-Day Hope Toolkit, you will learn how to implement strategies to refill that reservoir and live with HOPE! #hope #joy #wordofgod #prayingscripture #bibleverses #livewithhope #christianliving #toolkit #freeprintable #learntopray #prayer #selftalk

Grow in Faith and Unveil YOUR Hope!

Discover tools to help you break free of insecurity, grow in faith, grasp the depth of God’s love, and live life to its fullest. Unveil your hope and face your challenges with courage. Subscribers get full access to the Library of Hope which is filled with encouraging resources and learning tools. Join me today!

Could you use a mindset reset? Gratitude is a powerful force for good in our lives and the lives of others. Both God and science have shown us the necessity of gratitude to live life to its fullest. Join me for this free 21-Day Biblical Gratitude Challenge! Filled with Bible verses, printable Scripture cards, devotions, an Action Chart, and printable journal pages — this challenge is sure to strengthen your gratitude muscle and improve your life!

Do you find yourself in a slump of negativity, unhappiness, and feeling unfulfilled?

Gratitude is proven to improve quality of life. But long before it was proven scientifically, God told His people that gratitude was necessary for hope, joy, and peace-filled Christian living. And that’s why His way to gratitude is the best way to gratitude.

Try this simple, fun, and free 21-Day Biblical Gratitude Challenge! I’ll send you:

  • weekly devotions
  • daily journal page
  • 21 printable Bible verse cards
  • a chart to challenge you with actionable gratitude each day

About the Author

Hi! I’m Lori

I am a wife and a biological, adoptive, and special needs mom who loves Jesus and the people He has given me while I’m here on earth.

My heart aches when I see lives meant for purpose buried beneath stuff like fear, shame, and insecurity. I lived that way for too long. Insecurity kept me from living free until I finally saw myself in the reflection of my Savior. Because of this, I can’t help but write, speak, and teach about Him, His character, His glory, and His everlasting-life-changing love for us.

That’s why I created this website and do what I do. I know God has joy, peace, and hope for you. I want to help you find it. I will give you Biblical insight, practical steps, and encouragement to break free of insecurity by knowing God and His love more.

Know Who You Are

But Even More Importantly, Know Whose you are

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