Parenting Bravely

It is our goal to parent out of holy confidence rather than out of fear. Whether parenting typical children with their own set of unique needs and an unsteady world around them or parenting a child with special needs and/or through adoption, it is not an easy journey. Join me for insight and encouragement for your parenting journey.

Praying for Your Children to Love Each Other Well

Praying for Your Children to Love Each Other Well

Prayer changes things. As parents we want nothing more than for our children to love each other well. To grow up supporting each other and being close. As parents, the most powerful stance we can take is to pray … Even one heartfelt prayer makes all the difference.

It was several years ago I started praying this prayer. And today I see the fruit of it. A fruit greater than my imagination could create. One that has turned our family right side up.

Let’s go back ….