Parenting Bravely

It is our goal to parent out of holy confidence rather than out of fear. Whether parenting typical children with their own set of unique needs and an unsteady world around them or parenting a child with special needs and/or through adoption, it is not an easy journey. Join me for insight and encouragement for your parenting journey.

The Strength Inside of Me

The Strength Inside of Me

We walked through the hospital doors with our 5-week-old son. It was a day we knew would come. We had awaited it with a mixture of relief and fear. Our little guy needed to begin the healing process so that he could live a healthy life, but the surgery was complex and the thought of…

To Be Your Mother

You arrived into my life with both gentleness and fervor. Tenderness and tenacity. Each of you. So different but yet so the same. Two born of my flesh and one born of my heart. It simply matters not. You have opened my eyes. Changed me. Remade me. With your crinkly eyes filled with laughter. And…