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A Mother’s Prayer and Her Unconditional Love

As a mother, we do the impossible! Not just in the day-to-day work, sacrifice, and love. But in the essence of what we are meant to do. We go from our children’s complete dependence upon us to setting them free. We take responsibility for their every moment, yet are expected to find our way to equip them to thrive independently.

One extreme to the other.

Being a mother is a precious gift from the Lord filled with both joy and pain. Surrendering our children to God isn't easy, yet it ushers in peace through each trial and stage of parenting. We start with prayer - a mother's prayer. #mothersday #mothersprayer #prayerformoms #motherhood #christianparenting #prayer #godslove #hope #printableprayer

I often wonder how a mama does it without Jesus.

Surrendering to that process isn’t easy. And ultimately, surrendering those we love most – even when it means surrendering them to the One who loves them beyond measure – sometimes feels impossible. How do we not let fear take over? How do we not allow the tendency to hyper-control our world to steal our children’s opportunities to become the best of who God calls them to be?

There is so much to this surrendering as a mother.

It’s surrendering when mothering doesn’t resemble the dream we’ve carried for a lifetime. It’s when our children make choices that grieve our hearts. Or, when mental or physical illnesses strike.

We are forced to surrender to the effects of broken families, financial limits, and differences that drive wedges between us and the ones we love.

Wherever you are in your mothering journey – just starting or years down the road – you will find yourself called to surrender.

You see, our children belong to God first and foremost. They are merely on loan to us while we are all here on earth. He allows us the privilege of parenting our children.

Although this reality surfaces often in our lives, two pivotal moments of surrender stand out sharply in my own collection of memories. One of those I describe in detail in my book, Surrendered Hearts. It was when I had to surrender the child I believed to be my daughter, back to God. I had to find a way to praise Him in the middle of the loss and fill my heart with gratitude for the opportunity to be this child’s prayer warrior for all the days of my life.

And the other time was just a couple of years ago. It was when I finally surrendered both my fear and the need to control all things in regard to our daughter’s special needs. You see, after we brought her home, our world was turned upside down by unforeseen special needs. For the next few years, I wore myself weary searching for doctors and researching every possible solution to restore my daughter’s health.

I didn’t want to accept any limits to her life. I had one vision of wholeness for my daughter and lost myself in that vision. Not standing with arms open, I was unwilling to receive God’s version of the story -to see the possibility of life beyond my own version.

But surrender did come and with it, peace washed over my soul.

A Mother’s Prayer

I began seeing wholeness differently. I understood love in a new way and I realized that even if my daughter never lived an independent life, she was whole – victorious – and free.

Today we are a different family. We are stronger now. Our bond deepened and our footing solidified. I see that our daughter is making a deep impact in this world just as she is. God’s version of her story reaches further than any of my prior dreams.

So today, sweet mama friend, feel my love. See me looking into your eyes and whispering the word “surrender” over your life.

Do what you can – that which God gives you to do – then surrender the rest. Don’t push beyond what your mental and physical health can bear. And don’t let fear rule your heart because fear, just as Zach William’s song says, is a liar.

“ … The devil was a murderer from the beginning. He has never been truthful. He doesn’t know what the truth is. Whenever he tells a lie, he’s doing what comes naturally to him. He’s a liar and the father of lies.” -John 8:44 GW

Satan is the author of all lies. One of those lies is fear. Fear keeps us from our best. It causes us to act in extremes rather than in purpose and with sound judgment. He tries desperately to hide God’s truth. The truth that says with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). He is our defender (Ex 15:2-4) who will make a way (Is 43:16-19). He sees us (Gen 16:13) and will never leave us (Heb 13:5).+

Mama, take that step today.


Trust God with the child who was His long before they were yours.

Trust Him to walk you through all your days of parenting. Through the hard times and the celebrations – the differences and the unity. Trust God to hold you and your child tight all the days of your lives. Look to Him and His Word for wisdom to know when to do and when not to do – when to speak and when to remain quiet.

And, most importantly, get in battle-ready mode.  The fiercest of battles are fought on our knees in prayer. A mother’s prayer will last forever and pass from generation to generation. If we can do nothing else, we will still move mountains with prayer.

A Mother’s Prayer

Being a mother is a precious gift from the Lord filled with both joy and pain. Surrendering our children to God isn't easy, yet it ushers in peace through each trial and stage of parenting. We start with prayer - a mother's prayer. #mothersday #mothersprayer #prayerformoms #motherhood #christianparenting #prayer #godslove #hope #printableprayer
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Have You Read Our Story of Surrender?

Our story was one holding lots of confusion. Amid the tears and frustration, I found the power of living surrendered. I discovered the peace of knowing I was walking in God’s will and could trust wherever He took me. Finding that doesn’t usually come along the golden paved roads. It comes along the broken ones.

Purchase the Surrendered Hearts book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ChristianBook.com, and Redemption Press.

In a true story of learning that trust means surrendering your version of how the story should unfold, Lori and Bryan finally let go--of their adoption dream, of their daughter, of their fears and frustrations. And in that relinquishment, God began to move. #adoption #nationaladoptionmonth #adoptionstories #godslove

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  1. Carlie Lake says:

    Oh, I love this, Lori! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Surrendering is a choice I must make over and over each day; it has not come easy for me. But I have experienced God’s peace when I have. Remembering who God is has really helped me. Blessings to you, my friend!

    1. So. much. truth.
      Every day. again and again.
      The surrender is not easy – more difficult for some personality traits than others, as well! But His peace when we do, right?

      Happy Belated Mother’s Day, sweet friend!


  2. Wow this is a beautiful prayer & a beautiful printable! Thank you for this ❤️

    1. Thank you, Stefani! I’m so glad it blessed you! Happy Belated Mother’s Day, friend ♥

  3. KARYN MEYER says:

    Thank you for this very much needed reminder. God knows what we need when we need it.❤

  4. Josie Horn says:

    Lori, thank you for sharing your life experience about your beautiful daughter journey on how to surrender to God. Your right, it’s not easy because our mothering instincts naturally kicks in when we see our children hurting. I had to surrender to God because I was mentally and physically worn out. I love my three children.????

    1. Hi Josie, Thank you so much for joining me here. I am praising God right now for the day you leaned into Him and surrendered. May He pour His peace and strength into you – and may your spirit be refreshed! ♥

  5. Lori…thank you for this beautiful prayer ❤️ Surrendering is the hardest concept (even still) for me as a Mother…it’s so hard to look at those precious faces and know that you have no control over anything! Peace and surrender is a daily prayer for me 🙂 how wonderful is it that Mother’s Day comes right after Easter? After all Mary went through…in May we can take time to step back and “ponder” how powerless she was in herself and yet how strong she was in God and her faith!

    1. Oh, Amy, you hit on something I have reflected on so often. Mary and the courage she had to have to surrender and trust God with the baby He gave her to raise on earth. It makes all this emotion well up in me thinking of her pain because it is something as mother’s we can identify with – that trusting and letting go of our babies. Thank you, friend, for joining me here in this space ♥

  6. Lovely prayer- great thing to keep in mind as I struggle with teens! Hope to be entered into the drawing!

    1. Thank you, Amy! The teen years truly have a unique set of challenges and surrendering is on a whole new level. I am saying a prayer for you right now – for peace as you mother these year and for God to move boldly in your children’s lives drawing them closer to Him each day. And I just entered you in the drawing ♥

  7. When I finally surrendered my son to Christ, life changed for the better. There were still good days and bad days. But, surrendering him to God provided peace and comfort.

    1. Amen, Melissa! It’s so hard to do, but the peace is real and changes EVERYTHING! It’s so good to “see” you here, friend ♥

  8. Being a parent can be difficult. I’ve been a single mom through all those teen years to a boy and girl, and there are days it’s been challenging. Now, I have both my kids about to graduate college and I still try to keep them focused on serving God and helping others is always on my agenda for them. Thanks for the lovely prayer.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Sherri! And what a testimony! Congratulations on loving and serving well, my friend ♥ You are an encouragement!

  9. Beautiful prayer, love the bracelet and can’t wait to read your story. Like a good book, I didn’t want your email to end, so I’ll just surrender to win, in Jesus name amen? Thank you for surrendering and sharing. Happy Mother’s Day to You✝️?

    1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, as well, Kristie! Your words made me smile and warmed my heart – thank you! I’m doing a happy dance here on behalf of your surrender to win! AMEN!!! I’m entering your name in the drawing ♥ Blessings to you! Lori

  10. kelly woods says:

    Thank you for sharing. I screen shot the prayer to help me stay focused and help me with my prayer walk with my own children. This is a blessing! Children are a blessing and being a mom is such a reward I thank the Lord for!

    1. I love that, Kelly! What a good idea! I never thought to screenshot! I am praying with you as you pray this prayer and I praising God in advance for the way in which He is moving in both your life and in your children’s lives ♥ Blessings to you, Lori

  11. Thank you for the needed reminder that GOD loves our kids even more than we do and how much he cares for them! I appreciate your gift of wisdom and the fact that you share it with the world and me! Happy Mother’s day! I am struggling with the trust and surrender that God has their best in mind knowing that all kids have free will too.

    1. Thank you ♥ I so hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well! It really is a struggle to let go and trust God. It seems that just when we think we’ve got it and surrendered in one area, there is another one we start holding onto! Blessings to you, Lori

  12. I am reading you post about surrender with Jennifer Dukes Lee book on my lap, It’s All Under Control. God does have a sense of humor. Surrendering our life and our children is God’s desire. It seems that when I don’t surrender something about my kids, it’s all I see and it drives me batty. Then when I surrender it, I am free to love them instead of trying to fix them. So much healthier for them and me.

    1. Hi Theresa,
      God truly does have a sense of humor! He knows us so well and knows we need the obvious to hit us over the head sometimes before we listen (lol) I love what you say about letting go so you can love them better. Loving and fixing are definitely a tricky line to walk as we raise our children!

      Blessings to you,

  13. Jenni Hinrichsen says:

    Beautiful article – so want to read your book ? I so hope we can get it in SOUTH AFRICA

    1. Hi Jenni! I am entering your name and if you are the winner, I can get you an e-copy of the book ♥

  14. Excellent read!!!
    I would love to have the bracket and book to give to my friend. She has 5 adopted children and daily struggles are real in her life. I truly feel deep in my heart this would be wonderful and life changing for her!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you Lori …. so sorry for all your pain and struggles but the blessing is ours as through it all you grew stronger in faith and we get all these wonderful articles from you.

    1. Hi Molly! God is pretty amazing, isn’t He? He truly works all things together for the good of those who love Him ♥ Your name is entered in the drawing and thank you so much for joining me here!

  15. Angela Brotherton says:

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer….the phrase “he was your son first” has got me through many difficult situations and worries. Thank you for reminding me that we are not built to worry and we must lean into Our Lord and surrender. Amen

    1. You are so welcome! It is so difficult to entrust our children to the Lord. It’s the toughest surrender there is. But knowing that God loves Him even more than I can and that he was God’s before he was mine, gives me the courage to do so. Thanks so much for joining me here. Blessings to you!