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Because You Are Not Alone {Declare Conference}

It is so good to be back here with you! Our time together in this community sharing the hope found in Jesus has really become my favorite day of the week! Thank you so much for coming alongside me!

As you know, I was at the Declare Conference last week where there was just so much good! So much left swirling in this head of mine. The direct inspiration, as well as the indirect.

The words shared by speakers and attendees and the words God delivered to me specifically through my encounters with people, worship, and prayer.

Unqualified. Unabel. Unlikely. Do those words find airtime in your mind when you set out to pursue your passions? Because You Are Not Alone #MomentsofHope - Lori Schumaker

As I headed to the conference, as much as I’d like to say I was burden free, I was not. There were insecurities tugging at my heart. Recent comments made by people near to me that threatened to derail my focus. Struggles that weighed heavy.

I was nervous about walking into a room of women who possibly already knew each other well. I wondered if the gals I’d casually met through the blogging world would be kind or if they would be too busy with their close friends to have conversation with me.

The enemy was loving those moments as I let every doubt and insecurity race through my mind. All pointing to nothing but bleak conclusions.





Un ________. 

But God.

As I nervously pulled into the parking lot searching for an empty space, who did He have arriving next to me? None other than Kim Stewart, a sweet sister I had the opportunity to talk with and get to know at a retreat a few months ago. Nerves washed away immediately as her smile greeted me.

Then as I walked through the doors, the welcome was big and filled with love. It was genuine. The environment breathed of an excitement and passion while being cloaked in a blanket of kindness and compassion.

Over the next two days I was

Blessed by writing tips, social media strategy, and technology advice.

Encouraged to believe in my dream and fight for it, but not be overrun by it.

Stirred by the testimony of allowing God to fill our gaps when we take care of our primary ministry. Our family.

And I was inspired to fight the enemy when he wants to convince me to give up.

But what grabbed hold of my heart most was this:

My burdens, insecurities, and struggles were in essence no different than the other 200 women attending the conference.

I was not alone.

And there is something so powerful in knowing that we are not alone.

Unqualified. Unabel. Unlikely. Do those words find airtime in your mind when you set out to pursue your passions? Because You Are Not Alone #MomentsofHope - Lori Schumaker

That is hope. My #MomentsofHope!

Something tells me that it isn’t only that room of 200 women that struggle with these same issues. When it comes to pursuing your passion, do you have burdens, insecurities, and struggles that mercilessly tag along?

I’d love if you would share your thoughts and experiences buy nolvadex liquid with me. I’m working on a future post that will take the common lies we believe when we pursue our passion and debunk them one by one. I want to give voice to our burdens, insecurities, and struggles so that we can all know that we are not alone.

Friends, your dreams matter. Your passions matter. Your calling matters.

And most importantly you matter.

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  1. Lori, I appreciate this real-life sharing of your experience, because I also feel that “walking into the room alone” feeling, and the fear that I just don’t measure up. The thing that is ministering to me and keeping me in the race is the truth that God is not expecting me to do someone else’s best work. Faithfulness and showing up — doing my best work, sharing my small story — these are what God has called me to. I can’t be everywhere and do everything, and if I try to do that I will destroy the foundation of this simple life God has given me here at home. If I do that, I will have no moral authority from which to write or teach.
    Thanks, Lori, for giving your self to this ministry.

    1. That is such beautiful truth, Michelle. He only wants us to use our voice and our best work. We are living out His calling specifically on our lives, not the calling of another. Comparing ourselves is such a trap. I continually need to realign myself with His call on my life. Whether it’s the seasons like now where I have sporadic and not so plentiful time or a future season where I may have a lot more time, as you said, I can only do my best and be faithful to what He gives me to work with. And I believe that He will bless those efforts! Thanks, friend, for sharing and for being such a source of encouragement! Hugs,Lori

  2. Oh please. , Lori, I wish you could take some topics on your blog. ??
    You seem to have had so much from the conference. Really wish I could come for on of those? real professional and spiritual lessons especially for those of us starting out.
    Thanks for the linkup today Lori
    God bless

    1. It would be so fun to meet you at a conference someday, Ifeoma! And thank you for visiting and sharing hope here with me!

  3. Lori, it sounds like it was an amazing conference! I appreciate the reminder this Monday morning that I’m not alone. Praise be to God! Thank you. Have a blessed day, my friend.

    1. Amen, Julie! Thanks for stopping by, friend!

  4. Lori, you have hit on probably what has kept me from attending a writing conference-fear of walking into the room alone. I am grateful you shared your experience and the reminder that I am truly not alone. Blessings!

    1. Amen, friend! You are not alone. I urge you to attend one. A roomful of women who get loving Jesus and get writing about Him on a blog is pretty amazing:-) I find in my regular life, not many people get what I do, so being at Declare was a unique experience! Maybe we can connect at one someday!!!

  5. I’m so glad you had an incredible and welcoming time at Declare, Lori. I’ve never been to a blogging/writing conference, not because of not trying! So I can imagine the nervousness and excitement that melts into joy for having mingled and learned among those just like us. Such an inspiring time of refreshment, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing with us and also for the linkup, my sweet friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Beth! Maybe someday we can connect at one! That would be so fun! And thank you for joining me here each week!!!

  6. Lori, This is so good! And yes, to all of your insecurities! I share every one! Oh, the lies the enemy likes to use to defeat us! Thank you for sharing this! I’m one more sister who is very thankful to be standing beside you!! Blessings and hugs!

    1. Oh, Deb! I am so thankful for you! When I look at you, I see such wisdom, strength, and beauty. It’s difficult for me to imagine you having insecurities because I see so much amazing giftedness! But the enemy lies to us all and works to convince us we are the un_________. I’m so glad you are standing alongside me … together we can all keep calling those lies out and replacing them with truth!!
      Much love,

  7. Knowing we are not alone is SO big. I wonder why I can’t keep that in mind when I get nervous or timid that “I’m the only one” who feels this way or that way. Thanks for sharing this word of hope with us, Lori. I love hearing what people learn from God at conferences.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It is so frustrating, but when the nerves hit, our weakened selves go to our default thinking instead of our God-thinking. We are all works in progress! Praying the next time, though, we remember that we are not alone!!!

  8. so glad you got to go – my roommate from She Speaks, Melissa Clark, was also there and gained so much from it – did you meet? (: great post – we all feel all those things off and on and God is so in our process as we do. blessings, lori–sue

    1. Darn! I don’t think I did get to meet her! God does seem to strengthen and prepare us in those times for what He has in store around the next corner! Thanks, Sue!

  9. Lori as much as I was excited about Declare, I was still a bit apprehensive, but then we had a death in the family so I missed it. Thanks for sharing what many of us feel and don’t voice.

    1. I am so sorry, Debbie. I had been looking forward to meeting you and felt so awful for you when that happened. I remember reading about your situation on the Declare FB community page. Maybe we will get another opportunity next year! It really is difficult to admit our insecurities, isn’t it? But at Declare, it was talked about openly and often. It was such a good experience!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful conference, Lori!
    So glad you got to be a part of it this year!
    And, thanks for faithfully sharing hope.
    You are a blessing~

    1. Thanks, Melanie! It was a great experience! I hope I get to go again next year!

  11. Love this, Lori! So glad you had an amazing time. Going to a conference is SO scary! In my writing life, I can’t tell you how many times the devil whispers “Who do you think you are? What gives you the authority to write books and blogs? Who’s going to actually bother reading your words?” I’m pretty sure most Christian writers have this delightful interaction! It takes some courage, but I’m trying to answer it with “I’m a daughter of the King. He is the one who gives me the words and the authority to share His love… and if only one dear soul reads it, then it’s worth every ounce of effort.” An ongoing battle, but you’re right—we are not alone 🙂 Blessings to you!

  12. It sounds like the conference was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your heart again. In response to your question about “common lies we believe when we pursue our passion” I would say this: “why should I contribute when so there are already so many more people doing so who may be more qualified, why would I want to be one drop in the ocean of voices.” The answer to this for me is that God has given each one of us unique voices and experiences. It’s our job to offer what we have and God’s pleasure to multiply it.

  13. Lori,
    Thank you so much for writing this! As someone who is new to blogging/writing I feel so insecure about everything. I look at so many of you other women who are wonderful writers, and I feel like my efforts are just not worth it. Then I feel like I am whining and being negative and it seems to be a viscous cycle. Thank you for the reminder that I am not alone. If God has called me to do this, then He will also equip me to do it.
    Thank you for hosting each week, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. 🙂

  14. We are not alone! Hurray! Thank You God! And thank you, Lori, for sharing these hope-filled thoughts. 🙂 Blessings and hugs to you!

  15. Lori- I feel like this a lot. Unqualified and all the other “U” words you mentioned. So glad I have an able God that can make everything happen according to His will.
    Missing #MomentsofHope this week as I’m trying to unplug on vacation but I saw your tweet and wanted to read this. (Not doing a good job unplugging at all)?
    Exactly what I needed to hear today.
    The world needs Hope.
    Thank you for encouraging me today!

  16. Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience. You are so brave. I admire you for going to these conferences on your own. You are an inspiration to me! I loved this “Encouraged to believe in my dream and fight for it, but not be overrun by it.
    Stirred by the testimony of allowing God to fill our gaps when we take care of our primary ministry. Our family.” Boy to I understand this struggle. You are such a huge blessing to me, Lori. Can’t wait for August 19th!

  17. Lori, it sounds like a wonderful conference. I have thought often about attending a blogging conference, but have had many of the same apprehensions about going.

    Thanks for the encouragement that our struggles truly are “common to man (or woman)”! Why is it we always think we’re the only one who feels insecure and intimidated?

    Thanks for hosting. Have a great week as you fully digest all that you learned.

  18. Oh yes… I would like to think all the feels like that go away the more we go to the conferences, but they don’t. At least not all the way gone… but their pulling downward and the cornering us in the dark is less successful each time we step into the light! I remember these feelings well –especially at my first blogging conference. So glad that you found (or realized) that you were not alone in the battle! Great post – and so glad you were able to go! Declare is on my list… one day!

  19. Lori…I attended my first blogging conference last September and as I waited for the other writers to show up some of those same thoughts you mentioned were racing through my head! I will say that I’m glad I stayed. It was one of the best weekends of my life! The affirmation I received from God and other writers in attendance provided me with the inspiration to press on with the calling I feel led by the Lord. To continue sharing my transformation story to encourage and enlighten those who read. That is why I support what you do here because I want to share that we have hope in Christ! By the way one of my blogging friends that I met at the conference emailed me that she was on her way to Declare and she was so excited! It sounds it was just what both of you needed. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Blessings to you and yours, friend.

  20. That feeling of walking into a place and seeing that everyone else is already connected and you are the outsider is agonizing. I know it very well. So I completely understand how you were feeling as you were enroute to the conference. How just like God to meet you exactly where you were and to provide a friend to walk through those initial moments with you.

    You asked, “When it comes to pursuing your passion, do you have burdens, insecurities, and struggles that mercilessly tag along?” My passion is hospitality…inviting others into my home for a meal. Always, when I reach out to someone new, the little voice inside my head tells me that since I don’t know them well, they will think I’m crazy. Or when I attempt to get to know young moms at my church, same thing. Mostly, it’s the “don’t reach out to strangers, because they will think you’re crazy to do that” kind of thing. Basically, that voice wants others to be left alone. I have to fight it all the time.

    What an honor and encouragement it is to have my “Not Always Blood” article featured here at Moments of Hope. Thank you for reading my article and for wanting to share it with others.


  21. “And there is something so powerful in the knowing that we are not alone.” This is so true, isn’t it? We can feel so unprepared at times and think everyone else is ready, but the truth is we all have insecurities and we can help and encourage each other.

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #CoffeeForYourHeart.