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Choosing to Believe

Sometimes logic says no. Or maybe it says yes.

Either way, there are the clues. The research. The information. Seemingly pointing in one firm direction or another.

The obvious says it is time to wrap my  mind around those facts. Accept them.

Yet, flickering deep within is something different from the obvious.

It’s the little baby born into a scandalous situation, having nothing grand in which to arrive, but yet to become a King, a Savior to all the world. Created through a miracle and as an answer to desperate prayer. The information didn’t all add up. The truth was not the obvious.

The truth was a miracle.

How many ignored Him? How many thought it was silly? Quite ridiculous and definitely untrue?

But, to those who listened to a flickering deep within and chose to believe, the greatest gift ever given was miraculously revealed.  The gift was priceless  …  One Who would buy genox tamoxifen save us all from our sin. One Who would redeem.

As I reflect this Christmas, with the weight of some mighty burdens on my heart, I think of the birth of the Hope of the world.


Of all that He was, is, and forevermore shall be. His message is not ordinary. Not obvious, by any means. He changes lives. He loves us beyond measure, beyond what I could ever dream. And because of Him, I look past the obvious and

I choose to BELIEVE…
In hope
In miracles
In answers to prayer


My Christmas wish for you is that you embrace the love of Jesus. That you listen to the flickering deep within, looking past the obvious, and choosing to BELIEVE in hope, miracles, and answers to prayer!

I wish you a very Merry hope-filled Christmas!

Blessings and smiles,


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