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Finding Time for Bible Studies {#IamFound #AnUnexplainableLife Review and Giveaway}

“You have all the time in the world!”

How many of you can really identify with that? I mean can truly say you feel, in your current life season, as though you have all the time in the world?

I’ll be bold and guess there are very few! For most of us, it’s actually quite the opposite.

We are trying to beat the clock and accomplish as much as we can during our 24-hour day.

Friends, I know we work at prioritizing our to-do lists, cutting out the extras wherever possible. However, if we are honest, the moment we stop being intentional about the prioritizing, we find ourselves racing against time yet again. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.

 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well -Matthew 6:33

I love Jesus so passionately, but I have to come clean.

I push Him to the side for the laundry, the shopping, the meetings, the appointments, and even this blog …

Ugh! I know what His Word says. And friends, I know exactly what my life looks like when I’ve not kept Him front and center!

Stressed. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.

Finding time for Bible Studies: Reviews for #IamFound by Laura Dingman and #AnUnexplainableLife by Erica Wiggenhorn- Studies that help you shed shame and live a powerful life in Christ. - Lori Schumaker

So why do I so easily get it wrong? (I have a hunch the enemy has something to do with that.)

Because as we seek Christ, this beautiful thing happens. He reveals the mysteries of all that He is. Then when I hold up my struggles alongside the magnitude and greatness of Him, I can see truth. I can see He is bigger than any trial I can encounter. He is in control and I can let go. And the enemy loses the battle.

Recently, for my review, Moody Publishers graciously sent me copies of two new Bible studies. Two new studies that rocked my world!

I Am Found: Quitting the Game of Hide and Seek with God and Others by Laura Dingman

Finding time for Bible Studies: Reviews for #IamFound by Laura Dingman and #AnUnexplainableLife by Erica Wiggenhorn- Studies that help you shed shame and live a powerful life in Christ. - Lori Schumaker

Laura Dingman hits on a topic in this Bible Study that resonates deeply within my heart. Shame. It’s a topic I write about often because I have a story of shame. A story God has transformed beyond my wildest dreams. One I just wrote about last week!

As Laura introduces her study, she says, “I am praying for you, dear reader, as you embark on this journey. My deep hope for you is that you will come out of hiding and start living the gloriously free life God intended for you to live. I trust God will show you how to strip away shame as you trade it for grace through these pages.”

Sweet sisters, who doesn’t want to live in grace? Who doesn’t want to walk victoriously with the shame thrown off and the burden no longer heavy?

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The study is six weeks long with an introduction, 5 lessons, a memory verse, and a closing section called “Truth, Lies, and Action.”

Even though each lesson took only an approximate 20-30 minutes, the content overflowed with life-changing Truth! Not fluff. Pure truth.

I think my favorite part of each week is the “Truth, Lies, and Action” section. This section gives us the opportunity to look at the truths we have learned from the week, identify the primary lie we need to exchange for truth, and put into action a step to bring us a little closer to living as though we are found.

That action part is such a critical component because it moves our knowledge from our heads to our lives. It always grieves my heart to see people highly educated in the Word of God, yet living life enchained because the knowledge never went further than their minds.

And, friends, I’ve worked hard to overcome shame. I can testify that knowledge of God is not enough to free ourselves of it. It takes action. It takes surrendering and walking out life boldly refuting the lies of the enemy nolvadex for sale no prescription with the Truth of God. Then, freedom is won and victory is claimed.

An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church by Erica Wiggenhorn

Finding time for Bible Studies: Reviews for #IamFound by Laura Dingman and #AnUnexplainableLife by Erica Wiggenhorn- Studies that help you shed shame and live a powerful life in Christ. - Lori Schumaker

And speaking of head knowledge, An Unexplainable Life by Erica Wiggenhorn is a study designed to help us tap into living life with the full power of God at work. Not simply living for ourselves with knowledge of the Word filling the shelves of our minds, but living powerfully with the Holy Spirit reignited among us. Erica takes us through the first 12 chapters of Acts because Acts, more than any other book in the Bible, shows us the passion and power that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Are you living a ho-hum Christian life? Does it feel less than passionate? Do you remember the fire in your heart when you first gave your life to Christ, but somewhere along the way that fire lost its flame?  If so, I understand. I’ve been there. And I can tell you this study will spark the fire of an unexplainable life all over again!

Erica writes, “As we walk alongside Peter in the first twelve chapters of Acts, we will discover a radically transformed man. My prayer is that you and I are transformed as well. In only fifty days peter went from a timid man, full of fear and hiding in the shadows, to a courageous follower of Jesus. The change was unexplainable, a work of God in Peter’s heart and mind, because as those around him noted: Peter had been with Jesus.”

That is a transformation worth embracing! A new unexplainable life! A new fire.

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Erica spreads the study over 10 weeks consisting of 5 lessons each week which are approximately 20-30 minutes in length. Along with answering thought-provoking questions, there is time for prayer, reflection, and reading. Erica also offers additional free resources on her website to enhance the study and to help group leaders.

Filtering Resources

Just like you, my time is a treasured luxury! And just like you, I want to make God my priority.

With that in mind, I always evaluate my reading and study materials through these 3 filters.

  1. Quality of the product.

Is it written well?

Is it engaging?

Is it trustworthy and accurate?

  1. A time requirement that is manageable and will not cause overwhelm and burnout.
  2. Topic relevancy to the passions and needs of my current season of life.
Bible Studies Giveaway

I am happy to tell you both these Bible studies pass my personal filters with flying colors! And guess what! I get to give two of these books away this week!

Entering to win a copy is as easy as leaving a comment below with the name of your preferred study!

I will then choose two random winners. Each will receive one study.

I’m starting right now to pray for life transformation of each person who ends up with a copy in their hands. I am praying for changed hearts and life-changing hope!

Before I go, I’m so excited to share a little about next week Thursday’s post! I’m featuring my favorite fair trade and give-back companies that offer incredible products to help complete your Christmas lists! Friends, these are products I recommend because I not only tried them, but I loved them! What’s best is that when you buy from these companies, you are helping those in need. So, come back next Thursday and I will give you the full scoop!

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Don’t forget to tell me in the comments which Bible Study you would like to win! I’d love it if you’d share this with friends so they can have the opportunity to dig into the Word of God through these two great resources!

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  1. I Am Found is the one that resonates with me the most as shame often taunts me. I’d love to win this book. 🙂 Thank you for another giveaway, Lori. Blessings and hugs to you!

  2. I’d love a copy of the unexplainable life! It seems like yummy soul food 🙂

  3. JoEllen Silvas says:

    Unexplainable life seems to be my season

  4. I Am Found! Love you Lori and thankful for the wonderful nuggets of truth you share!

  5. Tonia Candelario says:

    Your blog is so relatable to me, especially touching on the subject of shame. I,would love to win a copy of your recommended sources. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful words, Lori! I am so thankful you stopped by my blog and left such sweet comments behind. It was such a dear blessing to meet you! God bless you abundantly!

  7. Great thoughts… and those sound like great studies! I’ve been looking for a bible study to get into. I am found sounds awesome! The other one sounds great too, though, I’m putting both of them on my list of books to buy eventually!!

  8. Delores McPherson says:

    My choice would be An Unexplainable Life.

  9. I would love to win the I Am Found study! It sounds like it’s just what I need!

  10. Well, friend… you had me at Bible studies… they both sound amazing, but An Unexplainable Life sounds just up my alley! And then you go and throw in Fair Trade for next week? Gah! I love it here! xoxo

  11. Either one is fine with me. I love studying the Bible and since I find this time so refreshing I make time for it.

  12. These studies look interesting, Lori!
    I’ve not seen or heard of either, but I look forward to learning more.
    Thank you for sharing these with us today~

  13. I am fired up about the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives right now. I would love to study An Unexplainable Life. Wow, thanks for sharing these studies, Lori. They sound amazing!

  14. Both Bible studies sound very interesting. So hard to choose! But the “I Am Found” one seems like it would be right up my alley.

  15. Lori, this studies sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing your reviews with Thankful Thursdays.

  16. Karen Payne says:

    I would very much appreciate a copy of both, but I understand I can only choose one. I think I would most benefit from “I am found” because I feel at this present season I need to find my joy, strength, peace and courage. I’m hoping and praying these would be great tools I could use. If I’m not chosen I would like information on how to get both studies. God Bless you and bless what your doing. Psalms 91 over you, your family, and your ministry.

  17. Lori, I love your the criteria you use to evaluate a study…Excellent! And what a wonderfully unique study. Thanks for peaking my interest and for giving away a copy!

  18. Hi Lori, I’m glad to have found your site. The book I Am Found sounds good to me! I will check out your post on shame too.

  19. Thank you, sweet friends, for joining the conversation and entering the giveaway!! Our lucky winners were Casey Capra and Laura Rath! I pray God blesses them abundantly through these studies!
    Blessings and smiles,