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Moments. One upon the other. Taking each by the hand and joining them with hope. Hope that lives brightly even in the spaces that feel heavy with darkness. A hope that can only come from Jesus.

And because of His generous and loving nature, He gifts us with moments that make us smile. We can look up and embrace those moments, or we can look away, seeing instead the darkness.

One choice leaves us with peace and the other choice leaves us with frustration.

Which will we choose?

Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy. – Philippians 4:8 (VOICE)

Moments make all the difference. Moments of Hope. Mother's Day Card. Lori Schumaker

Mother’s Day was a lovely day, and although many moments touched my heart, there was one that really stood out. It was a card that made its way back to me after being delivered to the wrong address. It was a card sent to me by my in-laws.

My father-in-law has a great sense of humor. He sees adventure in the everyday and smiles often with all those around him. He loves practical jokes and is quick to drop everything for anyone in need. He loves fiercely, but isn’t one to be mushy. Unless you give him a card and a pen. It’s a trait that melts my heart because my husband is just like his dad. I don’t often hear words reflecting a depth of emotion, but I do get to read them.

Words that fill my heart and make me smile (and usually cry, too!)

This year, the card was beyond beautiful. It was as if God placed in their hands just the one He knew would encourage me the most. And  if the beauty and words already in the card were not enough,  my father-in-law blessed me even more with sweet words from his heart.

Yup. Tears.

A moment gifted by God. One I’m embracing tightly and keeping near to my heart.

Friends, I want to help you choose peace. Choose hope. So I pray each week as you rest in this space, you are flooded with reminders of hope. As I worked my way through each of the posts shared here last week, I was humbled and thankful. A page filled with unique stories inviting us in and reminding us we are not alone and that Jesus is in the depths of all of  our life scenarios.

I promised to choose one feature story each week. But, oh my goodness, that was so difficult! I read, prayed, read again, and prayed some more trying to pick just one. But I couldn’t. This week I HAD to choose two posts to feature! Each ooze with hope. (Warning … you may need a tissue.)

Who can’t relate to a Mother-Daughter story? Whether our relationships with our mothers are healthy and strong or dysfunctional and broken, we all grasp the depth and uniqueness of this relationship. Sarah Koontz shares hope in her story of healing the broken parts of her relationship with her mother. She’s honest and authentic in this tender place where love and forgiveness change everything. Would you love on her in her comment section? Because encouragement breeds hope.

forgive-mom-featured - Sarah Koontz - Moments of Hope Featured Post
Here is What Happened When I Chose to Forgive My Mom….

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I’m a Mama of an internationally adopted little one. I’ve buy cheap nolvadex uk witnessed children with the bloated bellies of malnourishment and untreated diseases and illnesses. Once you witness this, you are forever changed. Wrecked. In this post, Crystal Waddell shares the heart behind medical missionaries. Some may question the effectiveness of their mission and if it is time and money well spent. She shares her thoughts and she shares hope. A great big hope that lives in the greater purpose. Would you please cheer her on and let her know the hope she shares makes a difference?

When We Need to Believe in a Greater Purpose - Crystal Waddell - Moments of Hope Feature Story
When We Need to Believe in a Greater Purpose

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  1. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for hosting the link up today!
    I’m sharing this post all around.
    I hope you have a blessed Monday!

  2. How sweet that your father-in-law gives you cards! My f-i-l gives me and his other d-i-l a special gift each Christmas just from him (a pair of gloves or a scarf or something) and it always makes me smile. I’m not sure how often it’s him picking it out (or my m-i-l), but either way, it counts. 🙂

    1. I love that, Lisa! It’s a wonderful tradition to embrace! Thanks for sharing hope here!

  3. Lori- your husband and FIL sound just like the both of mine! Men of few words…but when they speak out pours wisdom! I’m so happy to be linking to your link up today my friend! And I hope you have the best week! xoxo

    1. They are special guys! We are blessed! Thank you for sharing hope here today! Love u!

  4. Just another thing I relate to you with. I don’t hear words that often, but my husband’s cards are heartfelt and beautifully written. I really love your link-up. I know that it will be a close community of caring and hope. I can’t wait to read your weekly moments of hope. Hugs!

  5. Lori
    It’s amazing how our heavenly Father sends us the hope we need at the perfect time! I’m glad you were blessed by the beautiful card. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers day. Thank you for the opportunity to share here today. Have a wonderful week and God bless you and yours!

  6. My husband doesn’t say how he feels most of the time, but always chooses the nicest cards. Sometimes the cards express things to me that I would have never known my he was thinking. Thank you for hosting once again, and encouraging each and every one of us. You are making a difference in my life each week, and I appreciate it!

  7. Lori, this is such a wonderful thing. You know that I fully believe that what we focus on grows. You have created a place where all can come to focus on hope. What more could we want? I pray that as your linkup grows we all grow in our faith and that we spread hope all around us! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki! I so want to create an environment of hope and encouragement. Where no matter the weight of any situation we all are facing, a reminder of powerful hope can be found. I am praying with you – that we spread the hope of Jesus all around!!!