Raising Up One

This week I wanted to share an awesome organization with you all. It is called Raising Up One and can be found at www.raisingup1.com.  They provide a free fundraising platform for adoptive families. Each month they “raise up” one new adoptive family to bring their child home. They share their stories, provide encouragement, and hold social media fundraising events each month.

I absolutely love this ministry because, sadly, adoption is a huge financial commitment. The number of orphans in our world is mind boggling. To have a chance at a full life, these where to buy good nolvadex sweet treasures need families and they need Jesus. Raising Up One is working hard to do just that!

I had the honor this week of being a guest blogger for them. One of the challenges of adoption is the extreme situations of “waiting”. It is a challenge that feels almost unbearable at times, but God is a might God and is bigger than any wait we may encounter. He has a plan. Learning to accept the wait in faith is where we fall short. Check out the post here.

The Adoption Wait


Blessings and smiles,


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  1. Laura Reich says:

    Thank you Lori! We’ve had such a wonderful response to your post. As always, you are encouraging, insightful and and inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! I’m so thankful that the message may have ministered to the adopting families of Raising Up One!

  2. Marti Baio says:

    Great insight, you nailed it! My faith has grown and magnified within me even when I wasn’t aware through the process. God uses this process for His glory in so many more ways than we can even imagine!

    1. Marti, I’m so glad you could relate and confirm with this! Your faith is definitely one to be inspired by. Thank you so much!