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Rest and Beachin’

That’s right! On vacation!! Just Beachin’! Woot! Woot!

Just Beachin', vacation, rest

Most of you know my love for the beach, so yup, it’s spring break and we are taking a much needed rest! I’m praying it will be a time of re-connection,recovery, and rejuvenation. If you find me on social media, I’ll be posting highlight pics!

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It was so fun to get all the entries last week for the giveaway of Lisa Murray’s book, Peace for a Lifetime! I get to send a copy to Alison!! Thanks so much for joining in, friend! If you didn’t win, keep checking back because  I love giving stuff away. I’m sure I’ll be having another giveaway soon!

Also, be watching for Saturday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 22nd. Those are not my usual posting days, however I am thrilled to tell you I am going to be guest posting at two of my all time favorite blogs! It is such gift to me to have the opportunity to encourage others in the very same places I have been encouraged for years! I’ll be at (in)courage on the 19th and at Suzie Eller’s on the 22nd! I’ll post links here so you can find me. It would make me smile big to see you stopping by to visit me on those sites!!

But for now, friends, I just want to leave you with my heart and my prayer for you!

Dear Father, You are so mighty and powerful but yet so compassionate and filled with love  You so intricately designed us and know our every need. In those needs, you put rest. You designed our bodies and minds for rest. But, Lord, You also know us well and know it is often so difficult to carve out that time for ourselves so we need Your wisdom and guidance in creating that time for rest. We mix up our need for rest with caring for others, working, tending to the world’s many calls and even having fun! I pray You place those boundaries in each of us. Give us clarity in recognizing when we need that rest. And Lord, would You spoil each one of these precious people and give them gentle and beautiful opportunities?  Whether it is a nap in the middle of the afternoon, a quiet walk on a beautiful day, a private retreat, or a family vacation, would You please lavish each one here? Lord, in Your precious Name I pray. Amen.

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  1. Good for you, Lori! Rest well … Beautiful prayer (thank you for sharing and praying) … May you truly reconnect, recover and rejuvenate as you enjoy Beachin’ <3 Rest is my main focus (tomorrow's blog post) and I'm on Week 2 of "Rest Assured" {started a little later than everyone else at the New Year} but I was sensing last week, it's time for a real REST! I'm glad you popped in to let us know and also of your upcoming guest posting. Thanks!

    Sweet blessings and much LOVE & REST-praying with and for ya' ~Peggy

    1. Peggy, I am so glad you are embracing REST! It is so very important. I skipped it for far too long and found myself sick. But God surely finds a way to make us do what we are meant to do! And rest is one of those things we are meant to do 🙂 It was a wonderful week for us. I have come back ready to love better!

  2. Enjoy your break! Looking forward to reading your guest blogs.

    1. Thanks so much, Lux! It sure was a beautiful and restful week! I hit the ground running as I got home. So thankful for the time to recharge, though!!!!