The Armor of God

It. Has. Been. A. Week.

We made it through, but let me tell you, my Mama Superhero Cape is torn and tattered.

Mommin' ain't easy. Make sure to place the armor of God on before you head into battle! Lori Schumaker - Moments of Hope

Mama’s, can I get an Amen? Worth it, but not easy.

So in the midst of wearing thin that said cape, God with His unfailing love and endless grace, reached in a gave me a precious moment of hope. I received an email from my son’s English teacher giving me the great news that his speech had been selected as a finalist in the competition. The prompt?

What Bible verse helps you understand God and your view of Him, as well as  your relationships with others. 

He’s this super independent kind of kid. Since about the 3rd grade he decided he didn’t want any help on any homework at all anymore. Science projects, reports, or research papers. Only in moments like needing cash for the project, would he reluctantly allow my involvement. He’s always had a strong sense of wanting to earn everything through his own hard work. A trait to be admired, but sometimes a challenge to convince him there are times and places to ask for help.

Once again, this project was the same. I didn’t know the scripture he’d picked nor any detail about his speech until almost the night before when I insisted on his practicing it for me!

But friends, Moments of Hope make all the difference and in the middle of this ain’t-so-easy kind of week, that speech that came from the depths of his heart, was one that gave this Mama big HOPE! And I pray it gives you hope, too. In our tomorrows. In our youth that sometimes seem as though they have gone astray? In a God who gently takes our capes aside and gives us rest.

I’m so thankful this sweet boy gave me permission to share his 14-year-old heart behind the Armor of God here.

Make sure to place the armor of God on before you head into battle! Lori Schumaker - Moments of Hope

The Armor of God by Zachary Schumaker

There are soldiers tall and small. Strong mentally and physically, athletic and in shape. But all of these traits will be destroyed in just a shot of one bullet.

What if I was to say that these bullets could be avoided, or an arrow dodged? Or how about the ability to take that bullet and not be affected?

Well, this dream-like design is actually a reality for more people than you may think. Many think of armor as this protection for those in war, but most don’t understand that war involves us all.

Everyone is Fighting a Spiritual Battle

Everyone is fighting this spiritual battle. We live this life in the belief of safety and an easy lifestyle, but really we’ve been knocked down to our end. Where can our protection be found? Truthfully it’s right in front of us, an armor waiting to be put on, and God is calling you for action.

Paul speaks in Ephesians 6: 10-18 about putting on the entire armor of God, so that you can live a life, full of the blessings and pathways that God has intentionally designed for us. God’s armor outweighs the power of any protection, because  impact occurs within our understanding of God, relationships and the view of this world.

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Since the beginning God was good, God was King. Then some faded, others became stronger and some were born within the kingdom of God. On March 6, 2002  I was born with this mighty, powerful God feeling. I grew older, challenges became more surreal and He became a mystery. I started to question His existence. If He’s really by my side, or if He cares for me. Pondering occurred and remembrance of some armor took place. I believed I was guarded, but reality came through and the lifestyle displayed wasn’t of His child.

What Does it Mean to Put on Your Armor of God

I prayed hard and truly found what His armor meant. God showed more of His power through unthinkable ways. Wins became noticeable even of the battles that seemed unwinnable. Once I lived from His word, battles became David and Goliath like wins. My view of God became stronger and passionate, until I finally took a grasp of Him and became His child.

Bullets are fired, bombs are dropped, swords are drawn and arrows are launched. War started and men are dying until some realize they’re saved. I started my journey with God realizing relationship is war and we battle fiery arrows of the devil. Survival only occurs when we wear the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes to preach the gospel, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit.

The devil fires arrows of temptation to direct us on the wrong path. My battlefield happened with a friend I trusted the most and who guided me through my faith. The closer we became, the effects of the devil came into play right away. Struggles occurred so I had to put on His armor every morning.

My helmet got rid of false thoughts, my shield blocked arrows of sin in our relationship and my breastplate guarded my heart of false feelings. Our relationship strengthened with continued growth. Issues aren’t demolished, but in the end you come out stronger. The devil tries  to destroy friendships because of their power, but God’s armor will protect us and keep the truth visible.

Everyday Battles

Phones vibrate, news updates are given, social media is active, TV’s are on, and the face of terror and distress are present. Every place you walk the feelings of suffocation are alive giving us the belief that Jesus is coming. You wonder why you’re still living, why has God done this, why He left, or why there is sin. These leave blaming faults of Adam and Eve.

I’ve faced let-downs, lies, and betrayal, but my anger toward God and hatred towards the world comes from sights of my sister. My family decided to adopt from Bulgaria which involved major issues with the agency. God gave us a five-year-old girl. Let’s pause and think why did God pick her? We got to the hotel and gave her a bath. As we undressed her, bruises continued throughout her body. These weren’t everyday bruises, these were injuries from being beaten. Selah was so thin, every bone was visible. Picture pure mud, that was the color of the water. The image will never leave my mind. It reminded me of a horror movie, yet I wasn’t even the one living it. My eight-year-old mind was filled with anger, confusion and fear and I blamed God. How could a God so powerful allow this world to commit this?

Finding Peace

I had to find peace and the only option came from that same powerful God. I learned of war and we will be knocked down, but a protection in God allows comfort. I had to show my Selah who God is. I never thought it would take this long, yet I’m still preaching. Her experience will never be forgotten, but it can be forgiven.

Paul talks about the importance of spreading God’s peace to all, our breastplate will guard our hearts and our mind will be comforted by His power. This world has anger and sin and we continue it with these excuses of how bad our life is when it’s God’s life. We need to pick up our armor and forgive the world.

Step by step, dodged bullet by dodged bullet, there’s a similarity there. There’s a point to war and there’s a point to Heaven. Sometimes we get to the right place with God and we point that gun and knock out the enemy. You start to win that war and then you start to win another. Then you realize your walk with God is guiding you to heaven.

Our armor of God needs to be on because the devil hates God’s followers. Every day arrows come in hotter and weapons are more dangerous. Every step taken takes us closer to the most loving God. He’s got us no matter what. We need to remain firm in God’s Word even when war becomes deadly. No matter the temptation, lie, struggle, or loss, the armor will guide you.

Zachary Schumaker - Lori Schumaker - Moments of Hope -The Armor of God

Hope When We Break Free from the Prison of Discouragement

A dear blogging friend, Valerie Murray of Cordof6, shared a beautiful hope-filled post. I loved how her words so closely tied in with what my son shared in his speech. In her post, Break Free From the Prison of Discouragement, she encourages us to have hope in the freedom of a joy-filled life. And she encourages us to fight for that freedom! Just as Zachary told us about the armor of God we must place upon ourselves every day, Valerie gives us tools with which to fight. She says,

“When you are weary, don’t take action until you pray, evaluate and remember your mission. And then come before the Lord as you lay aside your burden and rest.”

Want an extra treat? She has printables to go along with the post! Would you stop by and give her some extra love?

How-to-Break-Free-From-the-Prison-of-Discouragement- Valerie Murray - Cordof6 - Moments of Hope Feature


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  1. You must be very proud of your son. His speech is remarkable and yes, so full of hope. I enjoyed reading it and many times throughout I kept thinking this isn’t from a 14 year old boy. His word choices and the feelings behind the speech moved me. Thanks for sharing your son and his wonderful gift of writing.

    1. I hear you, Michelle! I often think that of him. His insight and words have always been beyond his years. In so many other ways, though, he is a goofy and typical 14-year-old! 🙂 He keeps me on my toes for sure!!!! Heart full, but on my toes 🙂

  2. What a beautiful site that you have Lori! Thank you for serving so well. It’s wonderful to be in HopeWriters with you. It would be an honor to learn more about you! (I mean that).

    1. Thank you so much, MaryLou! Your words are encouraging to my heart! I love HopeWriters and hope to begin connecting even more. It’s been such a busy season for our family so I don’t get to be a part of as much community as I would always like! I always every enjoy moment I’m there, though!

    1. Thank you, Liz!!! And thanks for joining us here at Moments of Hope!!

  3. Hi Lori!

    I’m so glad to be back here with Moments of Hope! You have a beautiful family. It touches my heart to read what Zachary shared. What a young man of God! Please thank him for allowing you to share his words with us. And your darling little Selah, what a princess. I pray the Lord uses her mightily to advance His kingdom. Hallelujah! It really is a fight, but it’s the best one ever. Thanks for hosting and for spurring us on, Sis! Love you in Christ. You’re doing a good work – keep it up!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you are back, Tiffiney!!! I thanked Zach for you and he smiled and blushed 🙂 Thank you so much for your prayers.I treasure them and believe with you in the great things God will use her for!
      Love you back!!!

  4. Hey, proud Mama! You and your son are quite a team of bloggers! Thanks for those fresh thoughts on armor — how we need His protection and defense in these days!

    1. Michele, It would be so fun to do something like that with him, but he doesn’t quite think so! Pray with me that he changes his mind, though, because I do believe God has given him a gift for words and for encouraging others!

  5. Wow! What an amazing speech filled with Godly wisdom! And what a moment of hope to hear your son’s heart, his faith, his values, his love for God, all written down to express and minister to others. Just like his Mama. I love how he described his use of the armor of God. I loved his heartfelt description of the day you brought Selah to the hotel. All I could do was picture you caring for her and the thoughts and feeling you must have felt.

    What a treat to see my post featured. Thank you so much! This link-up is just a blessing!

    1. Valerie, Thank you so much for your kind words and your beautiful post filled with HOPE! It has been such a blessing to read these posts each week. I pray God is using all the words there as conduit of His love and hope.

      That day Zach spoke of was a difficult one. So many feelings all rushing in at once. It is amazing that Zach could put words to all he felt as such a young child. I do know God has used all this to mold both of the boys’ hearts. I believe they will love a little bigger and stretch a little further to care for others – especially for those hurting most.

      Big hugs,

  6. Wow, Lori! Your young son has a gift for words–much like his mama! No wonder his work was selected. Thank so much for sharing this inspiring post with us and congrats to Zachary!

    1. Thanks, Beth! You are so sweet! I passed along your kind words to Zach and he is smiling and saying, “Thank You”!

  7. How proud you must be of your son! Beautiful essay. And a strong faith. May God continue to bless him and you as you grow together.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I am so very proud of the man he is becoming!♥

  8. Wow! I think that’s how we’ve all started. Holy Spirit wisdom in these words. And he’s handsome too. 🙂 I love these moments when God says, “I’ve got this.” Thank Zach for allowing you to share this with all of us.

    1. I know I’m a wee bit biased, but I kinda think he’s pretty handsome, too 🙂 I pray God keeps hold of his heart and keeps pouring His Holy Spirit wisdom into him!
      Thanks, Deb ♥

  9. Wow! My mother would have given her right arm to have read something like that from at that age Lori. I was not seeking God at that stage of my life. How proud you must be…what a blessing! The armor of God is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. I have each verse on a bookmark in my Bible . I want to remember my need for the God’s armor every day. Thank you for sharing your son’s story and your heart. I am always inspired when I read your words. Have a wonderful week and may God bless you and yours!

    1. Hi Horace,
      I am so very thankful God has a hold of his heart. I wanted to hug him a whole bunch in front of people!Ha! He let me a little, but then had to fend me off a bit to play it cool! 🙂

      I so agree with you, understanding and applying that scripture is so critical and more often than not, we do not do exactly as it says – every. single. day.

      Thank you for your kind words, Horace. I am so thankful to have connected!
      Blessings and smiles,

  10. Wow! I can see why your Mama heart is so proud, Lori. I love Zachary’s speech. Is he really only 14? I was moved to tears, especially about the part of his little sister with all her bruises and his honesty about his feelings of blaming God. Also his desire – “I had to show my Selah who God is.” I’m so glad Selah has a brother like him and a Mama like you. I pray God will give ever deeper healing to Selah and all of you! Tell Zachary I love his speech, his devotion to God, and his love and protection over his little sister. (Oh, and tell him how handsome he is, too. :))Blessings and hugs to you all!

    1. He is full on blushing now and smiling big! Thank you, Trudy! He’s quite a special guy. It’s been a rough year for him in general, so it gives us all comfort to know his faith is still strong and his heart full!

    1. Now, I need to get him to sit down and respond to comments! He did say a big “thank you” and kinda blushed 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh Lori- bless your precious son’s little heart!!! How sweet is he??!! And wise??? WOW- good job momma!!!

    1. Shannon, He sure did make my heart burst! I can’t take credit though! God’s had a hold of his heart since he was itty bitty. I pray God uses it for great things!

    1. Thanks so much, Lyli! It was so great to see you here! And I loooove the hashtag! #ArmorOn ♥ I’m so thrilled to have your hope-filled post here. You always bless me immensely with your words of hope and encouragement!

  12. WOW Zachery! and thank you Mama Lori … you should be so pleased with such a well written “Armor of God” essay and a “well done faithful servant” echoing through the heavenlies for you and your husband molding such a well rounded, spiritually wise and articulate son, that is able to convey such grand thoughts at 14 … there’s a special gift blooming in this one and clearly able to manifest in writing just like his mama… with a clear understanding of God’s Word and heart after God! Definite inspiration and quite a moment of HOPE! added to not just your tough week but all of us facing head on this battle of “life” from all sides. He certainly has a grasp and has even helped mine (not so great last two weeks or year so far) but this is simply aMazing!!! I’m so blessed to see the fruit of your labor reproducing in Zach (quite handsome too). Thank you for sharing him, his speech and this moment that gives us great HOPE in our armor of God and your super mom cape just became so much more impenetrable in my estimation! You shine Jesus as Zach does in God’s armor! Hallelujah! Jesus won this yet He keeps on defending us!

    Love and hugs~Peggy (linked up a post that I hope fits with this although it was not written with this in mind, I just want to participate in your mission to spread moments of hope) I have not linked up for quite some time but decided this week I would start instead of linger in the background reading blogs. You inspire me.

    1. Hi Peggy,
      It is so good to see you here and I am so thankful you decided to link up! I’m so sorry you haven’t had a very good last two weeks. My heart and prayers are with you! My little Z-man has always had a huge heart for Jesus and a reflective spirit. I have always prayed God would use all that together for His good and I want to shout and jump up and down with joy because I am beginning to see the fruit now. It was an extra big moment of hope for us, too, because he had been faced with some very heavy emotions and situations that he had to work through and realign himself. I am praising God that He drew him near! As always, you have blessed me and encouraged my soul! Thank you!
      Much love,

  13. Leanne VanSanten says:

    Lori – What a precious post! Your teenage son, Zach, is already a MAN of GOD!! I loved reading his essay and his thoughts. Wow—you must be very proud! The Lord has great plans for this fine young man!

    1. Keep praying with me, Leanne, that God keep Him close to Him all the days of his life! Love you, sweet friend!

  14. Selah is such a beautiful name straight from the Bible. Your son is a gifted writer. Congrats on raising your child to love the King so much. I am praying the same for my daughter.