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What Christ’s Victory on the Cross Means for Marriage (& 5 Steps to Embracing It!)

I remember those beginning years well. And the arguments that accompanied them.

I remember the tears. The doubt of who I am and of my worthiness.

When you don’t live in the reflection of Christ, you wear the labels of a broken world.

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What Christs Victory Means for Marriage | 5 steps for embracing that victory | faith and marriage

I came into our marriage wearing a multitude of those broken labels and sadly, those labels effected the health of our relationship. My husband wasn’t perfect. We all bring with us our own set of unhealthy behaviors. But what my label wearing did, was prohibit me from handling issues subjectively.

When he did something less than stellar, I wore his faults as my lack of worthiness. His faults couldn’t simply be about him. They were a reflection of me.

I’d spent my life earning my worth from the approval of others. From achieving and being “good”. Our world is a fickle, demanding, broken, and often angry place. So, to see oneself in the reflection of that puts us on the unpredictable track of rollercoaster living.

How about you? Have you spent much of your life being what we often hear referred to as a “people pleaser?” Have you stopped to examine the why behind that behavior? Is it simply because you don’t like to see people unhappy?

Or is it something different? Is it deeper than that?

When someone isn’t pleased with you, does it cut deeply into a place where all your insecurities lay hidden? And are you bringing that into all your relationships? Especially into your marriage?

It wasn’t until I decided there had to be more to this longing I felt within where to buy tamoxifen citrate online myself. There had to be more to Christ’s victory on the cross than my salvation on the other side of the cross.

There had to be victory on this side of the cross, too.

What Christs Victory Means for Marriage | 5 steps for embracing that victory | faith and marriage

And the battle for that victory meant victory for my marriage, as well. I had to fight the enemy and see myself in the reflection of Christ, not the world.

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But it wasn’t easy, because the enemy knows the ground he loses when we rise up and see ourselves as chosen and worthy reflections of the God of the Universe.

He knows that …

Purposes are fulfilled.

Marriages strengthened.

Love flourishes.

And families thrive.

But where do we start?

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Join me for the #SpiritualWarfare series over at Messy Marriage as I share the 5 Steps to Embracing Christ’s Victory on the Cross when it comes to marriage! Our identity is important to living a life of victory and purpose. But it’s equally important to having a healthy and lasting marriage. Faith and marriage go hand in hand.

When you stop by Messy Marriage, you MUST browse around! Beth’s wisdom aligns tightly with the Word of God and this series is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Hope is at the heartbeat of living victorious lives. Without hope, what do we have? But to hold onto that hope, there are some things we have to embrace like our identity in Christ, the power of gratitude, a positive thought life, prayer, and the Word of God. Would you like extra encouragement to keep you focused on the right things? The things that will keep your hope alive?

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