Mother’s Day Poem of Hope

Mother’s Day is almost here. It’s a day filled with emotion. Beautiful and painful all at once. Tucked away in the day are deep feelings of gratitude for what we have been given. And right alongside those feelings of gratitude lie feelings of grief for what we never received and for what we have lost. 

A Mother's Day Poem for the Biologic and Adoptive Mother

But around the meaning of “Mother” we each come to the table with our hearts displayed.

Broken, crushed, shattered, and hurting.
Yet beautiful, overflowing, complete, and redeemed.

We come together in the knowing of motherhood. One mother looking into the eyes of another. Knowing. Understanding. And lifting up.

It’s not easy, this trail we follow to live as a Mother. It pulls our hearts in directions we never knew possible leaving us raw and for the all the world to see.

But what God does with our story is unique. It’s how He shapes and expands our patience, our courage, our hope, and our love.

A Mother's Day Poem for the Biologic and Adoptive Mother

Adoption and Motherhood

Each year I can’t help but think of adoption when I think of Motherhood. For me, Motherhood has much celebration and much grief. But never do I lose sight of the gift I have been given. The lessons I’ve been taught. And the changes God has made in me and in us as a family. I’m humbled by His work, His love, and the unwavering strength and hope He offers me. There really are no words quite adequate enough, but I pray this poem touches and encourages your heart today.

You arrived into my life with both gentleness and fervor. Tenderness and tenacity.

Each of you so different, yet so the same.

Two born of my flesh and one born of my heart.

Only a fact that simply matters not.


You have opened my eyes. Changed me. Remade me.

With laughter-filled crinkly little eyes and rage filled fiery ones.

The joy…the pain…the giggles…and the tears.

All together they forced me to my knees.

And pushed me out of the complacency of my well-controlled world.

Out of the comfort zone

And into a zone of chaos where a love so encompassing was birthed.

A love like the Father’s.

Now I can wrap my head around it just a little more. How He loves me isn’t quite the mystery as it was before.

More evidence that there is a God.

One who hand-picks our families and calls us by name.

From of our flesh to half-way round the world

Love is born,

Trials storm.

Lives are turned upside down,

But then rebuilt into something new.

And families made whole again.


There is a God. And He gave me you.

His love consumed my heart.

It shook my soul.

I love you….

And I am honored,


And humbled

To be called your


A Mother's Day Poem for the Biologic and Adoptive Mother
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Praying for you

Sweet friends, our hearts are united today whether you are celebrating, grieving, or somewhere in between. If this day is especially painful for you, I want to pray for you. If it’s a huge celebration, I want to know that, too. And if you are like most, grieving one part yet celebrating another, I’d love to meet you there. Leave your prayer requests and celebrations in the comment so together we can unite through the love of Motherhood.

#MomentsofHope Featured Post

Today I must leave you with one Mother’s story of a long season where Mother’s Day was a day of grief. Her story is one of years of infertility. She understands your pain. She knows how much you want to celebrate the joys of others, yet the hurt is just too deep.

“I struggled for many years on Mother’s Day. It was one of the hardest holidays for me.

I will never forget the day I walked out of church holding back my sobs desperately wanting to be a mommy. And on this particular Mother’s Day, the evidence that I wasn’t one was more than I could handle.”

When Mother's Day is Hard

Join Valerie here and soak in the bold hope she offers. And while you are there, would you please give her some comment  love?

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  1. Lori, what a beautiful poem. I had to tear up because motherhood has been a God-given privilege to me as well. I had even prayerfully accepted that I may never be a mom and told the Lord that I am okay with it just give me strength. But then the Lord opened my womb so that I may see His Power and Might. My favorite lines here are ” There is a God. And He gave me you.His love consumed my heart.It shook my soul.I love you….And I am honored, Privileged,And humbled
    To be called your Mother.”


  2. My tendency is to focus on my failings as a mum — we have such hopes for our kids and we want them to have a perfect mum, and, of course, find that we are unqualified for that job. This year, with Mother’s Day following so close on the heels of my mum’s death, I’m finding that there is more grace available to me than I ever dreamed of. Amazing how God reaches into our tenderest of places with healing and hope.

  3. Such a beautiful poem, Man, the journey to motherhood and in motherhood is one of so many emotions. And in both seasons of the journey—there is God. Thank you for featuring my post today. My prayer for anyone on the journey is to know God is there and He loves them through it all. Have a wonderful day!

  4. So beautiful, Lori! Nothing has helped me to love like God does more than being a parent. Blessings to your family ?

  5. so thankful for your precious heart to encourage mothers; they need it, and this blog is just a fountain of life giving from the Lord.

  6. I love this poem that holds such amazing insights for us, Lori! It’s true that motherhood gives a glimpse into the Father’s heart. I never want to lose sight of that, even as my boys have all flown the coop. I still must be their parent in a different sense. I just had an opportunity for that just yesterday. Thanks for your tenderness and truth here, my friend!

  7. Mother’s Day can bring such a myriad of emotions, both good and sad. I miss my own mother who died 7 years ago, and I miss my middle daughter who died 23 years ago. But I am very grateful for the two daughters that I did get to raise. Hope you have a blessed Mother’s Day, Lori.

  8. Beautiful poem Lori. I am so thankful for the love and support of my mother. I am excited to visit moments of hope again even though I am sitting in another doctors office right now. I love reading your thoughts. They are lare overflowing with such heart and hope. Have a wonderful week sweet friend and May God co tinue to bless you and yours.

  9. Beautiful poem Lori! Mothering has been the biggest challenge and blessing to me!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you:)

  10. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Oh sweet lady, I love your beautiful heart and this beautiful poem. Mother’s Day is always filled with such bittersweet memories of loss for me, but now as we move forward in the adoption world it’s filled with bittersweet feelings of anxiety and HOPE! 🙂 Love you and your heart for Jesus. Love this tribute to your kiddos, esp. to sweet Selah! xoxo

  12. mareedee2016 says:

    Lori – What a beautiful poem. I too was born of the heart to my momma. I hope you poem encourages those that are unable to have a biological child and have been unwilling to adopt.

    I can’t quite understand the reluctance to adopt as my families experience has been wonderful. Of course I have not walked in those shoes of infertility so I am not judging just curious.

    As a baby and growing up I was always reminded of just how much I was wanted. Adoption wasn’t a secret but we really didn’t find the need to talk about it too often since I was wanted, loved and treated no different from my biological siblings.



  13. So many emotions, thoughts and stories come out when it’s Mother’s Day. I guess we all have our own version of mothers and mother’s day.

    I wish all wonderful moms a lovely and love-filled day celebrating.

  14. What a beautiful poem! Motherhood came to me easily and somewhat unexpected, and it has absolutely been the greatest blessing of my life. God has revealed so much of Himself and how He feels about me through my children. Now I am honored that He’s called me to write about it!

  15. I was moved by this poem. It surely describes me as a mother. I am always grateful for being a mother and your poem has made me realized that.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Sometimes our gratitude gets lost in the chaotic shuffle of motherhood, doesn’t it? I’m so thankful you were touched by the poem!