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My Book Recommendations for Living an Inspired Life!

Although it has been a busy year and I haven’t been able to read nearly as many books as I normally love to read, I have come across some favorites! I wanted to dedicate posts to each of these titles, but God still hasn’t seen fit to either give me more hours in a day or more days in a week! ♥

Today I am sharing with you my book recommendations for the year. There’s variety here. From memoirs to bible studies and devotionals, these books will bless, encourage, and lift you up as you walk through everyday life.

And … as I always love to do, I’ll be giving away a copy of each title. But as a BUNDLE this time!

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My Book Recommendations for Living an Inspired Life

From memoirs to Bible studies, these four books inspired me so much I want to give away a bundled set! I"ll tell you why they are my book recommendations and give you the inside scoop on my own new book release! #bookrecommendations #inspiredlife #godslove #newbooks #surrenderedhearts #booklaunch

The Spirit-Led Heart by Suzanne Eller

I can honestly say Suzanne Eller has long been one of my favorite authors. Years ago, as I read her very first books, God used them to break through places that held me back and kept me stuck.

When I began writing and then blogging, I never dreamed I’d actually get to meet Suzie. Much less come alongside her to help share the messages of hope that lay within the words of her books. I never dreamed God would give me a message I’d get to share in that sacred space of her blog. It was a God thing for sure.

As Suzie keeps writing, she keeps impacting my world. And if you dive into one of her books, she will impact your world, too.

This year she released The Spirit-Led Heart. It is definitely one of my book recommendations. Suzie’s writing style is very conversational. It’s safe. She presents as a friend you can trust – one who shares God’s Word with honesty yet gentleness. Near the beginning of The Spirit-Led Heart, Suzie gives us the Spirit-led Heart Manifesto.

A woman with a Spirit-Led heart

… trusts that God can use her, even when her knees knock

… believes that when she speaks to God, he hears

… reaches for truth as a weapon and isn’t afraid to use it

…tells her story, for she has walked with Jesus

… is not lost in the valleys or on the mountaintops

… fights for others, because Jesus fought for her first

… isn’t a know-it-all, though she longs to know all there is to know

… doesn’t have time to be distracted by drama with no eternal value

… believes that God loves her, and freely loves him back

Who of us cannot identify with at least one of these statements? And that is the heart of this. We all long for something more. God created us to long for Him. To long for His Holy Spirit. If that longing is rising up within you, Suzie will walk with you. It’s time, my friends, to embrace the Holy Spirit and live with passion. ♥

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Get your copy HERE on Amazon and find more information along with beautiful printables on Suzie’s site HERE!

The Spirit-Led Heart is one of my book recommendations of 2018


Bring Me a Vision by Pam Crement with Becky Moreland

This was a book I started and finished in less than 48 hours which, these days, is unheard of in my life! But I just couldn’t put it down for long. I stayed up way too late into the night and put a few too many tasks on hold! (But I admit … it was worth it!)

Pam is a retired Licensed Professional Supervising Clinical Counselor who I have gotten to know through her work on her blog. This story is Becky’s – and Pam was once her counselor. Together Becky walked out of a pit as the enemy raged at the freedom she found. He didn’t want her to use her story for good. And he didn’t want her to save hundreds of lives because of the pit he had once placed her in.

From a painful childhood, to a broken life of men, drugs, abuse, and pain, Becky found healing in Christ.

I was humbled by not only her transparency, but by the willingness of her children to reveal the darkest places of their lives so that they could share God’s hope.  This family’s story is a powerful recount of God’s redemption. You can learn more about the book and buy it on Pam’s site HERE.

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One of my book recommendations for 2018


Exstresso: Taking a Coffee Break with God by Leah Whitton with Jessica Casarez

Leah Whitton shared daily special moments with her grandfather in a coffee shop talking about life and Jesus. Those moments planted a seed that would flourish as Leah grew and chose to follow Jesus. Today she is a pastor’s wife, speaker, and author.

This devotion-style Bible study is for the busy woman who loves her morning cup of coffee and her Jesus, but often struggles to find the time. Leah uses what she calls the STIR Method for each of her lessons.

S – Scripture
T – Thoughts for the Day
I – Invitations to Pray
R – Respond

Each lesson is creatively written around the theme of coffee and touches on all the situations we deal with in our everyday lives. And each one takes only about 15 minutes to complete! We can all find 15 minutes – even the busiest of us!

When we give Jesus our time, I promise, He multiplies it. I don’t claim to know how it happens, but I’m living proof of it!

You can purchase Exstresso HERE on my Amazon storefront.

[bctt tweet=”I promise you, when we give Jesus our time, He multiplies it. I don’t claim to know how it happens, but I’m living proof of it! Win your copy of Extresso – Taking a Coffee Break With God #bookrecommendations #greatbooks” username=”lori_schumaker”]
Exstresso is one of my 2018 book recommendations

Heavenly Minded Mom: A 90-Day Journey to Embrace What Matters Most by Katie Bennett

Within the first few weeks of being a mom, I began learning how important it is to parent the unique child I’d been given. There were so many books telling me to do it this way or that way. There were the latest fades and theories that led me down one path and then another. I wish I could say I figured it out a little sooner and didn’t create so much heartache for myself. Honestly, I think we are all a work in progress toward peeling away the layers of what leads our hearts.

But parenting the way God wants us to parent – loving the way God wants us to love – is what really matters. And it cuts out all the extra stuff that often makes us overwhelmed mamas.

[bctt tweet=”But parenting the way God wants us to parent – loving the way God wants us to love – is what really matters. Win your copy of #TheHeavenlyMindedMom #bookrecommendations” username=”lori_schumaker”]

Katie’s book, Heavenly Minded Mom, reminds me of that. She wants us to get to the heart of what matters most. This 90-day devotional-style Bible study brings us back to the heart of God and His desires for us. Each lesson only takes 10-15 minutes but is packed with meaningful content. At the end is a Scripture to reflect upon and journal questions. Plus, Katie has a journal you can purchase separately!

This is one of my book recommendations because this world is a crazy busy place with far too many things distracting us. As mamas, we need help staying focused on what is most important, and help cut out the extras. You can get your copy HERE on my Amazon Storefront and find out more about Katie, her ministry, and her book HERE!

Heavenly Minded Mom is one of my 2018 book recommendations because every mom needs to get back to what really matters.

I received a free copy of each of these books for my honest review. However, the books for the giveaway bundle are purchased and gifted by myself.

Our God Story. Surrendered Hearts

I’m thrilled to be sharing Selah’s story and to have the opportunity to advocate for adoption and orphan care. November is National Adoption Month, so I pray this book will be used in mighty ways by the God who loves us beyond measure.

Surrendered Hearts by Lori Schumaker

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Step Into the Wonderful World of Christian 3D Living 

by Karen of Karen Girl Friday

    Praying that in this space, Jesus will speak to you and give you His hope. The kind of hope that takes you through any storm and lands you on the other side. The side of victory!

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    1. I think the Spirit Led Heart might be next on my reading list!
      “A woman with a Spirit led heart… doesn’t have time to be distracted by drama with no eternal value”. So good! I think I’ll turn this into a screen saver on my phone as a constant reminder.

    2. I’m a book girl and I haven’t heard of any of these! So excited to learn more! Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

    3. Several of these are new to me as well, Lori, but I must say I DID enjoy Pam’s and Becky’s collaboration.
      Thanks for the list!

    4. The Spirit-led Heart Manifesto is a great list of reminders. Thanks for highlighting books I have not heard about.

    5. I’m an avid reader, but I have not come across any of these. It’s like those little “hole-in -the-wall” restaurants which are ALWAYS the hidden treasures! Looking forward to adding these to my list, Lori. And so happy for our book release! I just finished with a very busy launch team for Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book, so I’m going to have to sit this one out, but praying for God to multiply the message of adoption in unexpected and profound ways, friend. Hugs, Crystal

    6. Thanks so much, Lori, for highlighting the powerful story in Bring Me A Vision! I am honored by your kind and enthusiastic words! I can’t wait to read your new book and support you in any way that I can!❤️

    7. I love all the books. And thanks for hosting link up every week. laurensparks.net

    8. I am always looking for amazing books to read now that I have finally returned to the world of reading over the past month or so. Thanks for this list – gives me a good spring board moving forward.

    9. Congratulations Lori! That is very exciting… Being an author is so very fulfilling :- D
      Thank you for the reviews too!

    10. Yay! Thanks so much, my friend!!! I’m so excited to hold these amazing books in my hands and dive right in! xoxo

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