What Label Are You Wearing? {Plus Giveaway}

I couldn’t be happier to share with you speaker, author, Bible teacher, and overcomer, Cindy Bultema! Not too long ago I had the opportunity to join in on the launch of her latest book, Live Full Walk Free. At that point, I had only known Cindy generally through some mutual friends. I was aware of her story and because of that, I knew her book was one I needed! What I found was someone who inspired me with all that she is as a #ChosenandWorthy child of God. Her story of overcoming not only addiction, but great tragedy and pain, is one that will encourage you to believe that with Jesus, all things truly are possible!

Today, she is here encouraging us about labels. Not the labels we find in a highly organized pantry, but the labels adhering to our identity because of the pain of our past.

High school was not kind to me.

Although there are a few fun memories – cheering for the freshmen basketball team, attending a zany psychology class, passing drivers training – I’m glad I never have to return to those four agonizing years again. Ever.

Mostly my adolescent days were filled with intense loneliness, rejection, and a bottomless longing for acceptance and love.

What Label Are You Wearing- Have you ever allowed words to stick to you like a sticky descriptive nametag? Join Cindy Bultema as she shares her story of discovering she is #ChosenandWorthy. Learn Truth to replace the lies of shame and rejection. -Lori Schumaker

I’ll never forget the day I thought I finally was on my way to high school recognition.  A fellow classmate shared she saw something written about me in the girls’ bathroom. Really? Me?!

I ran to the south side of the building as quickly as my clog-wearing feet would take me. I couldn’t wait to examine what someone had taken the time to reveal publicly about me!

I pulled open the heavy wooden door and scanned the chipped bathroom stall’s exterior. Then I spotted the six words that would shape my life for the next two decades…

“Cindy is a fat red cow.”

And on that dreadful day those six words attached to me like a sticky, descriptive name tag.

As the years went on, I may have appeared happy and self-confident. But beneath the cheery smile and bubbly personality, remained an injured and insecure young woman meticulously attempting to cover up the pain, and striving to protect herself from ever being hurt or teased…again.

I wonder if you can relate, sweet friend? What labels have attached to you over the years?

  • Not good enough.
  • Stupid.
  • Ugly.
  • Fat.
  • Not wanted.

Thankfully my story has a joyful ending. In 1996, in the midst of a drug and alcohol addiction, I was introduced to Jesus, and surrendered my life to Him.  As I began studying the Bible, I quickly discovered God says I am….

  • Accepted (Romans 15:7).
  • Beautiful (Ephesians 1:3).
  • Chosen (1 Peter 2:9).
  • Dearly Loved (1 John 3:1).
  • Enough (2 Corinthians 12:9).
  • Forgiven (1 John 1:9).

What Label Are You Wearing- Have you ever allowed words to stick to you like a sticky descriptive nametag? Join Cindy Bultema as she shares her story of discovering she is #ChosenandWorthy. Learn Truth to replace the lies of shame and rejection. -Lori Schumaker

My dear sister, you are too!

In Christ, we have been buy nolvadex online with paypal given new, Truth-filled, life-giving labels to wear.  We all have.

Regardless of where we have been.  Regardless of what we have done.

And in Christ, not only are the old labels erased, they have been replaced with power-filled words of Truth. Only God can do that!

What label are you wearing today? Did you put on “loved,” “significant,” “courageous” – or are your old labels trying to impact your new days?

May we say “no more” to not-nice nametags, lying labels, and sassy self-talk. Instead, may God infuse us with a fresh faith to “put on” Truth each day.  His Words are always a perfect fit!

Be reminded of God’s power-filled words of truth with these free A-Z Scripture Cards available for download here.


Meet Cindy

With nearly 20 years of ministry experience, Cindy is a popular women’s speaker, author, and Bible teacher. But don’t let her cheerful smile fool you—Cindy endured single parenting, overcame bondage to addiction, and survived tragic loss.

Cindy’s latest Bible study, Live Full Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World released in December 2016. Cindy lives in Michigan with her husband and their four kids. Most days you can find Cindy walking her beagle Rocky, attending one of her boys’ hockey games, or serving hot lunch at her kids’ school. Visit Cindy at her blog here!

And this week, along with Cindy’s post, we are giving away one more copy of Live Full Walk Free: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World! You can find out more about this incredible study here on Cindy’s site. Or, through my full review here! Friends, without a doubt, it is a study that you cannot do without. It will encourage and equip you to live full and free!

Live Full Walk Free Cover - Cindy Bultema

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Yes, you are "More Than a Victim"! It can be all too tempting to keep "picking at" the trauma from our past. Even if our history is littered with injuries from others or unavoidable circumstances, it is our choice to continue living with a "wounded" mentality. - Gretchen Fleming for Lori Schumaker and the #ChosenandWorthy Series    To the Girl Who Doesn't Know She is Worthy - In the reflection of whose mirror do you determine your worth? Is it out of the brokenness of man and the world? Or out of the One whose love is perfect and unfailing? #ChosenandWorthy - Lori Schumaker

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    1. Amen, Tallulah! Not lonely or forgotten, rather CHOSEN and WORTHY! ♥ Claiming these truths to ring true to the very depths of your soul today, my friend!

    1. Cindy’s story is pretty amazing! And I love how she has allowed what was meant to harm her only equip her to help others find their way to freedom!

  1. I’m so sorry for all you went through, Cindy. I’m glad you can now see yourself through the eyes of Jesus. Thank you for this encouragement.

    As for the question, I want “not good enough” to daily be replaced by “more than enough in Jesus.”

    1. Amen, Trudy! You ARE most definitely “more than enough in Jesus!” I always keep you in prayer, sweet friend, that you may stand on this rock of truth!

  2. Cindy, you have truly been a huge blessing and encouragement in my life! When I hear your story, I think of the words of Joseph to his hateful brothers: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Gen 50:20). Praise God that what the enemy meant for evil, God used for good–and many lives are impacted by your story! Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Christin, Joseph’s story is one of my favorite’s. That he wasn’t embittered and that he never tired of following God into the next right thing is such inspiration!
      Blessings and smiles,

  3. Noelle Ammerman says:

    Loved this article glad I found you.thank u for giving us this opportunity to win

    1. Hi Noelle,
      Thank you for joining us! I pray you continue to be encouraged and equipped by your time here. I love giving things away so make sure to come back often ♥

  4. There was a time in my life when someone called me BARREN in public, I was so heartbroken, I chose to call myself BLESSED and I was and AM today.God chose to call us Worthy . Thank you for your post.
    God bless everyone who reads this.


    1. I don’t know what gets into us (some more than others) with saying thoughtless words as though they do not matter. Sadly, I believe some say them with the intent to hurt and it comes out of their own brokenness. However, I think many just don’t THINK! I am so thankful you held onto God’s Truth and labeled yourself as BLESSED! You most definitely are, Diana ♥
      Many hugs,

  5. I can relate to being called names in school. Those were painful times, but I’ve been redeemed by God. I’m replacing the label of “burden” with “blessing.”

    1. I am celebrating that redemption alongside you, friend! What an awesome replacement of labels ♥ You most definitely are a blessing, Sarah!

  6. welcomeheart says:

    Such a wonderful story of the Gospel, a changed life changing many others by God’s grace and love! Thanks, Lori and cindy!

  7. Those hideous moments in grade school seem to hurt the worst. I’m so grateful that our worth is not found in what is etched on a wall but instead what is etched on our hearts. The Lord truly restores the damage this world does. Great post!

  8. I have looked to others, to the world for my worth. I am 69 and have been only looking to Christ for not that many years. I still fall into the traps but am doing so much better! Thank you for encouraging me today.

  9. Lots of labels affixed here too. Unsticking them and wrapping myself in God’s love is a work-in-progress. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Keep unsticking and re-wrapping in the new label, sweet friend! One by one. And when one or two labels seem to restick themselves as the dust storms blow through tossing them up into the air, just rip them back off and throw them through the shredder! 😉

  10. Loved, redeemed, blessed. 🙂
    Beautiful, motivating read.

    1. Thanks, Lux! So glad it motivated you! And AMEN! loved, redeemed, blessed!