Determination and Motivation – A Prayer for My Child

Twenty minutes into the day and five meltdowns have already been weathered.

  • #1…putting on the shirt
  • #2… buttoning the pants
  • #3… slipping on the shoes
  • #4… taking the medicine
  • #5… and eating breakfast

Yes, twenty minutes into the day and I’m thinking I just wish I had a rewind button that could land me right back in my bed and under my covers! Maybe we could just have a re-do until we got it right? Hmmmm….sorta like a couple of different Adam Sandler movies wrapped into one!

But, there is no fun “rewind” button and the reality is that it only takes one “tricky” shirt sleeve and we find ourselves wading through the shattered eggshells upon which we had ever so carefully been tiptoeing.

broken eggshells

It’s difficult. It is what my daughter refers to as “tricky”. I know….

Emotional instability, developmental delays, and processing disorders make those everyday chores more challenging than I ever imagined.

However, my understanding of this does not make our day-to-day life any less a roller coaster existence. And a roller coaster existence is not a way to live life to its fullest.

roller coaster life


Can you relate? Is this your morning, or evening…or life? Sometimes it feels hopeless. But it is not. There is hope.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I am in awe of the way in which You have so intricately formed each of our minds….our abilities….our strengths…and weaknesses. Each so unique. I thank You for the way in which You have filled each of Your children with a gift to use and a fulfilling joy when that gift is discovered and put into action.

However, I’m aware that the sin of our world selfishly inflicts pain into the minds and souls of the most innocent of Your children. This pain disrupts Your perfect design, and these precious children are left with wounds. Wounds that create apathy. An inability to see the future. A void where determination and motivation may have flourished.

In the face of that Lord, I pray for a spirit of motivation to fill my child. I know that the enemy desires to see ___________(child’s name) sit back and not reap all the harvest that is his/hers to be had. But, Lord, Your Word says  “For __________(child’s name) is God’s masterpiece. He has created ___________(child’s name)  anew in Christ Jesus, so he/she can do the good things He planned for him/her long ago.” Ephesians 2:10.

The mountains before ___________ (child’s name) are huge. There is so much to overcome. But with You he/she will overcome them. I claim Your promise of victory for my child. “…despite all these things, overwhelming victory is __________’s(child’s name) through Christ, who loved him/her.”  With You as his/her strength, the learning delays, emotional struggles, and medical diagnoses are not a huge hurdle, but a bridge to living out a life with significant impact for Your kingdom.

I ask, Father, that the gifts You have given ____________(child’s name) are not wasted, but instead awakened in his/her spirit creating a deep awareness of the plan You have for his/her life. I ask that he/she no longer back down, give up, or rebel against challenges, but instead receive each challenge and step forth with determination and motivation. And may You pour Your blessings and favor upon his/her efforts.

And for myself, Lord, may I witness my precious child living a life fully embodied by the gifts You have given him/her. May I see the fruits of his/her efforts evident in his/her daily life. And may I see joy dance across ___________’s (child’s name) face and settle in his/her heart.

In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

For the parent raising a child with unique behaviors or disailities. A prayer for my child to have determination and motivation. Ephesians 2-10 Masterpiece

So, to all my sweet Mama friends, keep hoping and keep praying.

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  1. jolenephilo says:

    Thank you for sharing this post and it’s powerful share at the Tuesday link share!

  2. Thanks so much for the support, Jolene! I love! It is an amazing place to stop for parents of children with special needs of all kinds!

    1. As an 18 year old, living overseas in China, I have been having a very difficult time keeping up with the fast paced, advanced International Baccalaureate program that takes place here especially with my ADD. I have a huge assignment that determines whether I can get that diploma or not whether I complete it in time and I was just desperate for the Lord to take the reigns and give me his strength and determination to get through this and power through. I just happened to look up a prayer for motivation and I came across this and I just wanted to say the prayer was really powerful and I was in tears. I just wanted to thank you I guess because it gave me the motivation I needed and helped me find that motivation through Him.