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Please God Help Me Know Your Unconditional Love

If you’ve been around here very long at all, you know that my past wasn’t always pretty. It held lots of hurt from betrayal, sin, and brokenness. I spent many years repeating the words, “Please, God, help me.”

It took a long time for me to discover and embrace God’s unconditional love. After an abortion as a teen, followed by an abusive marriage and divorce, I hit rock bottom. I didn’t see myself as a child of God — created with and for a purpose. I didn’t see myself in the reflection of the God of Wonders. Instead, I saw myself as broken, rejected, and irredeemable. I saw myself in the reflection of an unsteady, often angry, and cruel world.

Please God, help me ... most of us have uttered those words a multitude of times. But have we asked Him to help us know Him? To grow in our faith? Our desire to read the Bible? To pray? Join me as we continue exploring God's unconditional love. Find my list of favorite books, Bible studies, groups, songs, podcasts, and other resources! #godslove #christianliving #faith #biblestudy #bibleverses #prayer.

Please God Help Me

However, there was a better way to live. A way that freed me of the chains that held me back. Therefore the same is true for you. Friend, you need to know there is hope.

God helps us. God changes us from the inside out. He redeems the ugliest of our sins and of the sins committed against us.

God helps us. God changes us from the inside out. He redeems the ugliest of our sins and of the sins committed against us. Click To Tweet

However, may I challenge you right here, though, with a critical question or two?

How much do you want to be free of the chains holding you back? How much do you want to be free of bitterness, hopelessness, and the weight of feeling as though there is something wrong with you?

I ask you that question as a challenge because I know firsthand that it’s not easy to face what hurts.

Facing pain usually wreaks havoc with our well-put-together images, and it unleashes the emotions we’ve diligently tried to suppress. Then, with those two coping strategies unleashed, life gets complicated before it gets better.

So, you have to be all in. You have to want freedom and be willing to be self-disciplined and to do the hard stuff.

But I can also give you this tangible hope…

Getting free is possible and it is worth it. God created us with and for a purpose so living out that purpose as He designed is nothing short of the best way to live.

It starts with asking God for help. But it doesn’t stop there.

This is where many of us err. Somewhere along the way, we came to believe that because God is all-powerful, we have no role in our faith. We think that our part ends by saying we believe.

I know I did.

Because I didn’t know what lay within the pages of my Bible, nor did I grasp the scope of His power and healing, I didn’t know that a relationship with Jesus was possible. And I didn’t know that the more I grew in my faith and understood the power of His Word, the more I would heal and overcome the sin eating away at me.

It comes down to an aspect of that complicated idea of free will.

Yes, Jesus loved you and me even before we were born. We were created in His image and He called us wonderful. Yet, as humans, we have the ability to make choices. If I may make a bold assertion, I believe it went something like, “I love you, but come to Me. Make a choice to follow me and surrender your heart to Me.”

Think of it in terms of our lives with others here on earth. Do we want someone we love to love us back because they choose to? Or because they are forced to?

Forced love doesn’t satisfy the longing in our hearts. Not in our earthly relationships nor in our relationship with Christ.

Forced love doesn't satisfy the longing in our hearts. Not in our earthly relationships nor in our relationship with Christ. Click To Tweet

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!  You can make this choice by loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and committing yourself firmly to him. This is the key to your life… ” -Deuteronomy 30:19-20 NLT

So, if we believe God is the God of the Universe — that He sent His only son to die for us — are we willing to choose life over death?

Are we willing to do the work it takes to know Him, His love, and His way?

This week we are taking a departure from reading and reflecting. This week, I’m asking you to dig in. Instead of giving you the 7 verses, one for reflection each day of the week, I am asking you to find 7 of your own. The free coordinating journal (hopefully you have downloaded it!) has 7 empty pages with space at the top to write and reflect upon your verse each day.

But beyond even that, are you willing to continue the commitment as you ask please God help me? Friend, the journey doesn’t stop at the end of this week or at the end of this series. It continues each day of your life as you step toward deeper faith and relationship with Jesus. Here are 10 action steps and ideas I highly recommend!

Please God, help me ... most of us have uttered those words a multitude of times. But have we asked Him to help us know Him? To grow in our faith? Our desire to read the Bible? To pray? Join me as we continue exploring God's unconditional love. Find my list of favorite books, Bible studies, groups, songs, podcasts, and other resources!

10 Action Steps and Ideas for You to Deepen Your Faith

1. Find a Bible Reading Plan.

There are several free and paid Bible reading plans available to help get you in the Word and stay consistent. Some consist of themed devotions with readings while some simply focus on reading through the Bible.

My favorite place to go for a reading plan is YouVersion.com. I have used them for years to keep me on track and in the Word. Right now I am finishing a one-year chronological reading plan. However, I’ve completed plans on every topic you could think of. So, whatever your need is as you ask please God help me, they have it for you!

Download the app to your phone to make it convenient. I never have an excuse to not read each day when it is right at my fingertips!

Other great options can be found at:

The Devotable App

First Five


2. Start a Bible Study either on your own or as part of a group

There are all kinds of Bible Studies. Most churches host Bible studies that are open to anyone to join. There are online studies that connect via Facebook groups, Zoom, or even a simple email style. And finally, there are both free and for purchase Bible Studies available in digital or hard copy, These give you the freedom to work through them independently or with a friend or small group.

The beauty of so many options is that we are each in a different season of life with different needs and different time constraints. Let’s not use our unique situations to not step out in faith!

Below are a few of my favorite free online Bible studies:

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Good Morning Girls by Women Living Well

She Reads Truth

These are a few of my favorites for purchase:

3. Buy a new Bible that fits your learning style

There are so many fun Bibles these days! Whether it is one of the many translations or a journaling and coloring Bible, you can find one to fit YOU!

4. Create a Worship Song Playlist to Listen To

Whether you listen as you work out, cook dinner, drive to work, or take a bath, worship music sinks into our souls. Most worship music is based on and references Scripture. As we listen, sing, dance, or work out to it, the Word of God has power in our lives. God helps through His Scripture.

Here is a list of my most current favorite worship and faith-based songs.

Holy Water by We the Kingdom

The Father’s House by Cory Asbury

Together by King and Country, Tori Kelly, and Kirk Franklin

Another in the Fire by Hillsong United

Famous For by Tauren Wells

5. Pray

Oh, friends. THIS. Prayer is your lifeline. Don’t ignore it. As you read the Word, pray the Word. When we pray Scripture, we can know we are praying the will of God. It gives us words when we are at a loss for them. And then, bring your heart to the Lord. Get personal and authentic with Him. Praise Him, thank Him, and bring your requests to Him. It’s remarkable that the God of the Universe wants to spend time with you — so don’t miss the moments with Him!

I have a few great resources and series right here on my site to help you understand and grow your prayer life. And they are always free!

The Way We Pray — a Series that answers many of our “how-to” and “why” questions. It includes several resources to encourage and inspire you to grow in your prayer life.

The Lord’s Prayer Kit — This printable kit walks you through the Lord’s Prayer as it teaches you what each verse means and how to apply it specifically to your life. The kit can be used individually or as a small or large group.

6. Keep a Prayer Journal

Keeping track of your prayers in a journal not only keeps you consistently praying, but it gives you a glimpse into God’s holy work. Sadly, it is easy to forget God’s goodness. But one of the best ways to hold onto faith during challenging times is to remember His faithfulness in the times before. It reminds us that when we ask God to help us, He will.

If you are a DIY kind of girl, here is a great link to learn how to make your own prayer journal.

But if you’d rather purchase one, here are a couple of options.

7. Learn, Learn, Learn and Read, Read, Read

Keep learning. When I was an elementary school teacher, my goal was to foster a passion for learning in the children who came into my life. I prayed for them to be life-long learners. That prayer never stops. The more we desire to learn, the more we grow. And the time you invest learning about and growing in your faith will never return void.

Because we don’t want to stop growing, I recommend the books below.

8. Listen to a Podcast

Below is just a sampling of the thousands of podcasts available to grow your faith and encourage your spirit. As a busy wife and mom who always had more on her plate than she could possibly accomplish, I loved listening to podcasts on the go. Whether it was while I waited for one of my kids outside a gym, while I snuck in a walk or run, or folded laundry, I was able to squeeze in these tidbits of wisdom and encouragement that equipped me for my next step.

Whoa That’s Good with Sadie Robertson

The Bible Recap by the D-Group

Elevation with Steven Furtick

9. Find a Church Home

I know this one can be tough … especially right now. But a church family is a place where you and your family can grow spiritually. Not only do we go to a church to be fed, but we go to share our gifts of service, expand the Gospel, and be held accountable in our walk.

If you are someone who has experienced church hurt, my heart understands. I’ve been there. Yet God calls us to community with other believers and when we obey Him, He does things far beyond our wildest imagination. I wrote a series about dealing with hurt and betrayal which included a post to help those hurt by the church. If this is your situation, I pray it encourages you.

10. Join a Facebook Faith Group

Women Called to Pray

Seeking God Daily

Kairos Moments

I pray the resources above encourage, equip, and bless you as you deepen your faith and as you continue to ask, “God, please help me.”

7 Bible Verses to Grow Deeper in Faith

This week is all YOU! Dig into the Word. Crack open your Bible or Bible App. Do an online search for “Bible verses about God’s love”. Find one each day this week that speaks to you. If you haven’t downloaded the free Journal, do so today! There are 7 pages for you in week 6 to fill out with this challenge. (The form to sign up is at the end of this post!)

A Prayer to Grow in Faith

Because prayer is so critical to our growth in faith, I always include one with this series.

Dear Jesus, Thank You for creating and knowing me so well. You know both my strengths and my weaknesses. Please God help me grow closer to You. I ask You to draw me in. Give me an unquenchable thirst for Your Word and the self-discipline to do the things I need to do to grow in knowing You better. When my schedule overflows and demands come at me from every angle, remind me to make You a priority. Multiply my moments and reveal Your love and Truth to me. Give me eyes to see and a heart to feel all that is of You. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Please God, help me ... most of us have uttered those words a multitude of times. But have we asked Him to help us know Him? To grow in our faith? Our desire to read the Bible? To pray? Join me as we continue exploring God's unconditional love. Find my list of favorite books, Bible studies, groups, songs, podcasts, and other resources! #godslove #christianliving #faith #biblestudy #bibleverses #prayer.

A Time to Reflect: Week 6 Focus Questions: Please God Help Me Know Your Unconditional Love

The Journal will help you deepen your faith and experience the fullness of God's unconditional love. A free supplement to the content provided in the original series. #journal #freeprintablejournal #godslove #faith #hope #series #unconditionallove #biblestudy #bibleverses #prayer
  1. An action plan works better than an action idea. Which of this week’s action steps do you think you can commit to?
  2. With help from this week’s action steps, create an action plan that will work for you in your current life season or situation.
  3. Since we are talking action steps this week, I challenge you to choose and write out 7 Bible verses to focus on this week!  Where I typically have a verse at the top of each page, you will find that this week there is a blank space for you to fill in.

The Series: For When You Want to Know God’s Unconditional Love

If this topic resonates with you and you want to start from the beginning … Just click on the title below.

For When You Long to Know God’s Unconditional Love

This Is Why You Need to Know the Character of God

7 Ways God’s Love for Us is the Best Kind of Love

7 Ways to Change Your Life With God’s Unconditional Love

I Am a Child of God: Why Is Now the Most Important Time to Know This?

Finally, here are all the resources you get with the series.

  • Each week, I will give you Bible verses, a prayer, questions to ponder, and extra resources.
  • I’ve also created a printable journal to help you walk through the series. Each page will have scripture at the top and an area for you to journal your thoughts and answers to the challenge questions found in each post. The journal is available free to all subscribers.

***Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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  1. Stumbled onto this website through Google. Looking for a prayer to strengthen God’s unconditional love. I find that I have already started some of your suggestions. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Karen,

      That makes me smile! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I pray you continue along this journey to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and that you experience the fullness of His love!