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The Surrendered Hearts Book Releases Today!

National Adoption Month and Surrendered Hearts

For those of you who have been on this journey with me for awhile, you know today is release day! You’ve been our prayer warriors and cheerleaders along the way and I couldn’t have done it without you. But if you are new here, today is a big day in the Schumaker family!

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It’s officially book release day! And it’s Giveaway Time!!!

Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust | On sale now | Extra Images | Shareable Images #surrenderedheartsbook #newbooks #christianbooks #adoption #adoptionstories #nationaladoptionmonth

But it’s also November 1st which means it’s the start of National Adoption Month! Each year I’ve shared bits and pieces of our story and of our heart for adoption during November. This year it’s a full circle God moment to be able to share the entirety of that story and God’s unfailing love for us.

This book is Selah’s adoption story, but it’s more. It’s God’s story of showing us He never leaves us. It’s a story that shows exactly how surrendering changed everything for us. And my deepest hope is that as you read our story, you are inspired to surrender whatever it is that’s keeping you stuck. Our God is the maker of heaven and earth. He is in the business of redeeming, restoring, and rebuilding. And guess what? He’s still in the business of making miracles happen, too!

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Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust

Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust by Lori Schumaker | It's National Adoption Month and each purchase will help support adoption ministries! Get yours now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at Redemption Press! #SurrenderedHeartsBook #adoption #nationaladoptionmonth

A lifetime of knowing. Decades of praying. Years of paperwork, research, and planning. Lots of tears. And the growing of faith in the waiting.

One look into a pair of sparkling brown eyes, and Lori and Bryan Schumaker fell head-over-heels in love with a beautiful young girl in Bulgaria. Certain this was the child God intended for them, they stepped confidently into the adoption process they’d been preparing for. They thought they knew what to expect, and they did–but there was so much more.

The application process moved smoothly ahead, and they began making plans for their daughter–only to be informed she’d been adopted by a family in Italy. Heartbroken, they struggled to move on, until, through a series of incredible events, they learned their daughter still languished in her Bulgarian orphanage. Turning heaven and earth, the Schumakers started over. Mix-ups, red tape, inexplicable delays, and a difficult judge threatened the adoption, but they were determined to bring their child home.

In a true story of learning that trust means surrendering your version of how the story should unfold, Lori and Bryan finally let go – of their dream, of their daughter, of their fears and frustrations. And in that relinquishment, God began to move.

Want more information? The Surrendered Hearts website is HERE! You’ll find the Book Video Trailer and other goodies like shareable images, tweets, and a set of FREE Bonus Resources for the adoptive parent or for anyone needing a little extra encouragement in life!
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Free Printable Bonus Resources: Prayers, Verses, Scripture Cards, Resource Lists, and a beautiful original print. A huge packet of resources for the adoptive parent or for anyone needing encouragement in life! Created with Surrendered Hearts: An Adoption Story of Love, Loss, and Learning to Trust by Lori Schumaker | National Adoption Month | #adoption #prntables #scripturecards #bibleverses

Want to go straight to Amazon? Then you can click HERE!

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The Surrendered Hearts Bracelet

In conjunction with the book, I have partnered with Theresa of  Tees Cherished Finds to create a Surrendered Hearts Bracelet! The message to Live Surrendered means that you are choosing to lay down your fears and live surrendered to the One who makes the impossible possible.  When you choose to Live Surrendered, you are committing to following Jesus where He calls. You are choosing to let go of your way and take hold of His way.  And when you purchase a bracelet for just $15, just as when you purchase the book, a portion of the proceeds will go to Lori’s chosen adoption ministries. Just click on the image below. It will take you to the Surrendered Hearts page where you can find out more and make your purchase!

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The Surrendered Heart Bracelet: Choose to Live Surrendered to the One who makes the Impossible Possible! #LiveSurrendered #SurrenderedHeartsBook #Godslove #adoption #bracelet

Now for the Giveaways!

I’m excited to give away two sets of book/bracelet combos!

To enter all you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter options below!

But, would you help me in this, too?

In order to get the message of hope and inspiration out, we need to start with prayer and then share like crazy ♥ The world is saturated by information right now more than ever. A lot of it is emotionally draining and anger driven. The world needs hope … lots of it. For a positive message to pierce through the endless amounts of negativity, we need to do it together. So would you consider pinning the images, clicking the tweets, posting on Instagram, sharing to Facebook, and telling your friends, your family, your church, and the ministries and organizations to which you belong?

Also, because it is super important for reach these days, if you read Surrendered Hearts, would you consider taking a couple of minutes and write a short review on Amazon (and/or Barnes and Noble and Goodreads)?

Finally, I would love to hear stories from you of how Selah’s story is making a difference!

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Don’t Miss Out!

If you haven’t signed up yet to receive updates, you can do so right HERE (or fill out the form below). Over the next month I will be sharing pieces of our family’s story – the before, during, and after of international adoption. I’ll also be sharing resources and guest posts. Subscribing will get you my occasional updates. It also gets you full access to my resource-filled Library of Hope! It has a ton of stuff in it to help you meet life’s challenges head on with the best tool we have – the hope of Christ!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Lori!! Such a huge milestone in your writing career! Praying…

  2. Happy Book Launch Day!

    It’s so exciting when a new book, especially one so close to your heart, comes into the world! Wishing you all the best! May the story impact many!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! It has been an incredible experience! Exhaustingly beautiful ♥

  3. The Lord has been bringing you to mind today, Lori. Lifting you up on this important day!

  4. Hey Lori, I’m so excited for you! Congrats on a job well done. It is trully the blessings of the Lord!

    1. Thanks so much, Tiffiney! It truly is! He has shown His love and might again and again ♥

  5. YES, I will share everywhere. I loved this book. I honestly couldn’t put it down. Left a few book reviews.

  6. So glad God chose you to tell this story, Lori! Congrats on your book launch! Praying that God uses it in a mighty way!

  7. Thank you for giving me a chance to win