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What to Do When You Feel God Has Abandoned You

I remember the tears. The days when laughter began to slip away and emotions threatened to unhinge my knowledge of truth.

It was a season in which I felt as though God had abandoned me. Life hadn’t worked out as I had thought it would. I was left in a puddle of emotions and God was nowhere to be found.

Or so I felt …

Have you been there before? In that space and time where the pain is big? Where you cry out to Jesus, and sense only a black wall of silence?

Your heart is broken and you are walking through one of your most difficult seasons. And you feel alone. So, where is God and why do you feel as though He has abandoned you? -What to Do When You Feel God Has Abandoned You - Lori Schumaker for ibelieve.com


So what do we do with those feelings? Where is God? And why has He left you feeling so alone and abandoned? Follow me over to iBelieve to read the remainder of this post and get some insight into those questions.

I’ll share my story and give you strategies to encourage you through yours. I’m excited and honored to be a new contributor at iBelieve! It would make me smile great big if you would share some comment love over there and/or share the post in some way. The only way hope spreads is for us to make it shout louder than the hopelessness! Join me in spreading hope? ♥

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  1. yes, shouting hope louder in the hopelessness –feel this especially in an electioin year!! though whispering works, too, as you know. blessings on you, lori, as you share God’s truth in love to the hopeless (which we all are at times!)

    1. Thanks, Sue! Oh yes, we do all find ourselves slipping into hopelessness at times. I pray these words point to Jesus – the One who gives hope!

  2. Lori- great post! These feelings are so familiar, and the season was so hard and relentless.
    I’m actually writing about the wilderness this month.

    God is so wise on how He grows us through these times.

    Your words offer so much hope and love!

    1. Thank you, Julie! Your posts are so beautiful. The wilderness … such a good topic. Such a time when we are tempted to believe God is not there. But He always is! Sending hugs and prayers your way!

  3. Wonderful post, Lori! We must not rely on our feelings, especially when God’s word says otherwise. My daughter, Sarah, just wrote a humanities essay that explains how our feelings are an ’empire’ – something that can have power over us. We can choose to have our feeling overpower us or have God’s word empower us. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth!

    1. Thanks, Aimee! What an impressive essay from your daughter! What a blessing to see young people grasping the Truth of God at such an early age! Thanks for stopping by!!!