May Your Christmas Be Filled With Hope

2018 is drawing to a close.

As always, I can hardly believe we are here. Yet, God still hasn’t seen fit to grant me my request of more hours in a day! Sigh … 🙂

A year of beautiful, difficult, and everything in between, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for every blessing. I thank each of you who have joined me here in conversation and community or come alongside me as we grow in hope and purpose. Each of you are have impacted my world significantly. You’ve played a part of God’s great plan. And I thank you.

This is my last post for the year. I’ll be back in mid January after I’ve had some time to focus on my family and get quiet with God. I need to seek Him and where He wants me to go next year – what He wants me to share and how He wants me to minister to your hearts.

I’d love to hear from you. Your ideas and requests of topics and areas to explore are important to me. So, please, do not hesitate to send me an email or reach out on social media!

As I close for the year, though, I want to remind you of these truths …

You have been uniquely created by the God of the Universe who loves you more than you can ever wrap your head around!

Your value is not relative to the brokenness of those in your life. Your value is given by God, and God alone. And He says you are priceless!

Our heavenly Father doesn’t want you stuck in the past. He wants you glancing behind only to bring wisdom into the future. But more so, He wants you to fully experience His love, purpose, and plan for you. That means surrendering the way you wanted things to be for the way God is working them out. Trust Him.

Pray. Prayer is your life-line.

There is always hope. Always. 

Merry Christmas, sweet friends! Many blessings to you, prayers for you, and hopes for a beautiful Christmas and New Years!

Our Story of Hope

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  1. Thankful for your faithful commitment to God, His word, and us bloggers. God will lead, as you know, and His surprises are the best. Rest and enjoy your family and be assured of how much He loves you. Happy Christmas, Sue