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What 3 Unremarkable Women of the Bible Have to Do With Your Self-Worth

Sometimes I see it in the fear holding them back, still other times it’s in the brash way they seem to boast about their accomplishments. It manifests in different ways, yet speaks of the same condition – the need to gain confidence. We are all so beautifully unique. Even so in our weakest places. Knowing who we are as a #ChosenandWorthy child of God gives us the confidence we need. It gives us God-fidence! The confidence to push fear aside, brokenness in the past, and the labels of the world down to step into our God-given purpose.

Today, Julie Loos from Unmasking the Mess shares with you the stories of 3 unremarkable women in the Bible who God used to do the remarkable. So just in case you sometimes find yourself doubting who you are, whether you really matter or not, or if you are enough to do God’s work, this post is for you. I think you’ll find a connection with Julie and recognize the heart and strength behind her words. Afterwards, stop by her place of encouragement because I know you’ll have found a new friend to have in your corner.

What 3 Unremarkable Women of the Bible Have to Do With Your Self-Worth - Do you need to gain confidence and embrace your self-worth?
Do You Want God to Use You in Unbelievable Ways?

As I stood in my baby blue gym romper, my foot was tracing the three point line on the newly waxed gym floor. My classmates were standing beside me as each team called a teammate. I stood up straighter and brushed my bangs out of my eyes. My belly filled with butterflies, but I had a feeling this time, I would be chosen and worthy to be called quickly on the team. My teammates would see me as usable to the success of the team.

A classmate to my side was picked and then another. My foot returned to the three point line, and I daydreamed about being one of the first to be picked in gym class. Finally, I heard my name called, however, I was the last one selected for the team.

I’d be thrilled if this had been a one-time event, but it happened many times over my years of grade school. The same scenario played out over and over through high school and then in my adult years.

Can you relate? Has someone rejected you?

No One Special

When history repeats itself, we might begin to believe our feelings. Those feelings can, in turn, change our behavior and keep us away from parts of life.

I’m ordinary, so I unusable to this women’s Bible study.

No one wants me; therefore, I won’t date.

I lack any redeeming qualities; I won’t use my abilities to help others.

The definition of worthy is having or showing qualities or abilities that merit recognition in further consideration (Merriam-Webster).

Chosen: selected as the best or most appropriate (Merriam-Webster).

Sometimes we just want to be accepted, not because of our knowledge, popularity or beauty, but because someone sees who we truly are. Someone who sees us as usable.

God Sees into the Heart

God doesn’t see what the world sees, as He can peek in our hearts and see the abilities we aren’t even aware we possess. He can see our full potential. We are worthy to God not because of what we have done, but what He did on the cross.

God sees you as worthy and chosen, right now, did you know that?

The world may look down at us as just regular, good-for-nothing but God sees our potentials and our abilities to be lights and disciples for Him. God calls us conquerors; blessed, worthy and chosen by Him.

God deliberately chooses the weak and those who feel ill-equipped in their abilities because when they overcome and step out, God is glorified.

You are usable to God.

Un-usable to the World, but Remarkable to God

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was an ordinary girl in a society; a society where women lacked respect. Mary lacked education, and her family was poor. Nothing about her stood out to man, and her community overlooked a young, poor, uneducated girl.

Esther was an orphan, losing her parents at a young age. She was a beautiful, Jewish woman amidst a foreign King.

However, God selected Esther to become Queen. She led the Jews because she surrendered to God’s plans, believed and trusted in Him and His promises. Esther risked her life to follow God and she saved the Jewish nation, all while enduring her own pain and disappointment order nolvadex canada from being parentless.

Ruth lost her husband and was a foreign woman in a Jewish land. God used her in the lineage of His Son, Jesus.

The Bible displays much more examples of others who were ordinary and unqualified. God came to them in the midst of their mundane lives and took them on an adventure to serve Him. Moses was 80 years old, Elisha was plowing a field, and some of the disciples were fishing.

They were usable to God.

God has a Different Evaluation

The world tells us beauty, brains and brawn are what is successful, but God often does the opposite of society. He values inner beauty, and He can supply areas where we are weak. In this world, money and possession are important, but God desires people coming to faith, spreading His truth, and looking forward to eternity in Heaven with Him.

God, make me usable because I realize my purpose in this life isn’t about me, but all about You and Your kingdom.

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God -Acts 20:24 NLT

What 3 Unremarkable Women of the Bible Have to Do With Your Self-Worth - Do you need to gain confidence and embrace your self-worth?
11 Promising Ways to be more Usable:
  • Make your relationship with God a priority
  • Have courage amidst your fear
  • Lean on God through all circumstances
  • Desire to do God’s will
  • Have a willingness to go into the world and risk life and reputation
  • Accept His grace when you don’t measure up or blow it.
  • Trust God’s timing and provisions
  • Realize pain and hard seasons are for growth and character development
  • Reflect God in all areas of life
  • Surrender plans to God.
  • Maintain Humility

Can I admit something?

I need to believe every day that I am usable to God.

Living in His Truth

The young girl in the baby blue romper still wants others to see her and embrace her. Rejection still happens, but as I grow in faith, I’m replacing lies and destructive thoughts for Bible truths.

These lies have kept me from moving forward and stepping out in faith. God wants me to overthrow these feelings, and instead, accept what He tells me.

You are usable and I will use you!

I am a daughter of the King of Creation which means sought out, chosen, and worthy. My position and purpose are stable and steadfast. I am usable to God here on Earth and in eternal life. Someday, my crown will be placed on my head, and I will be added to His Forever Team.

Julie Loos - Unmasking the MessI’m Julie. Writer, Jesus follower, wife, and mother to five incredible kids. Sweet tea and chocolate are my favorites. I struggle with my faith, and I am a work in progress. I blog at Unmasking the Mess. It’s a place where I hope you can come, unmask and be refreshed and encouraged through God Word’s as He lays them on my heart. This Christian walk is hard and messy. When we look back over the footprints of our journey, God will start unmasking the hard places. Joy and wonder will fill us because there was meaning in the mess for us.

You can connect with Julie blogging at Unmasking the Mess or on social media!

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  1. Thank you again, Lori, for the opportunity to share here! Love your heart and encouragement!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I appreciate having you here!

  2. Love your sweet, vulnerable testimony, Julie. I think so many of us have had those “waiting to be picked” moments. Thank you for sharing these Biblical examples and tips. (Especially love #11.) Beautiful words, friend. (You are very used by God from where I sit.) Thank you Julie and Lori. ((hug))

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Brenda! Julie’s post so gently reminds us that we have worth and value in God’s eyes!

  3. I was so confused. I couldn’t figure out if Lori wrote this post or if Julie did. I’m so sorry I was confused.Great post either way.

  4. I just love that God calls the ordinary and not-so-special, because that I am! Many a time I have felt rejected but now I can rejoice because I will be received into the place where it matters the most. What a lovely word Julie, thank you for reminding me that no matter how rejected I feel, acceptance is mine. Thank you Jesus!

    1. That’s so true, isn’t it, Natalie? God calls us to follow, and then He equips us for the work He has for us! What a beautiful truth! Thank you for your kind words, Natalie!