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Help Me Overcome My Unbelief

Help me overcome my unbelief. Is it a prayer you’ve uttered at some point? I believe most of us have.

I imagine he was mentally and emotionally exhausted. For years he searched unsuccessfully for the healing his son needed. He tried everything within his own power, but his son’s suffering continued.

Desperate for something — anything — to work, he turned to Jesus.

How do I overcome my unbelief? During the hardest times of life, when all seems lost and your circumstances unfair, your faith can take a beating. This man's encounter with Jesus in the book of Mark may resonate with you and give you hope. #faith #helpmebelieve #christianlife #christianliving #newtestament #thegospels #healing #hope

We find the account of this man’s story in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. At an incredibly early age, an evil spirit possessed the boy. We aren’t given the details around the years nor the search for healing. But the story starts with the man and his son in the middle of an arguing crowd. He and his son set off to find this Jesus who many were talking about. When they arrived, Jesus was not there. However, some of His disciples were there and it was said that they, too, had the power to heal. So, he asked them to cast out the evil spirit possessing his son. The disciples attempted to do so but failed.

Not long after, Jesus appeared. Frustrated, He said, “You faithless people! How long must I put up with you? Bring the boy to me.” (Mark 9:19)

The father explained the details of his son’s affliction and then pleaded with Jesus, “Have mercy on us and help us, if you can.” (Mark 9:22).

It’s a line in the text that tells us a great deal about the man and his unbelief. He said, “if you can.” He wasn’t convinced of Jesus’ power to do all things — including healing his son.

This man’s story of unbelief may resonate with you right now.

It’s been a difficult year. One none of us saw coming nor would have believed possible when we welcomed 2020 into our lives. We all face trials of many kinds — trials that don’t line up with our vision of a just God. Trials that bring us to our knees in pain.

Maybe you once wrestled with or are wrestling with unbelief after facing painful circumstances and you need help with lingering doubts. Or maybe it is the opposite. You’ve always wrestled with unbelief, but now your pain is giving you cause to long for more. More hope — more faith — more Jesus.

How do I overcome my unbelief?

If unbelief lingers below the surface of your faith today, join me for the remainder of this devotion at Devotable App right now.

This man’s story ends in a pretty powerful way. I know it will encourage you because that’s what God’s Word does. It’s His love story to us.

Plus, I’m sharing with you 3 steps and a prayer inspired by his story and the Scripture from where it comes. I pray it encourages and deepens your faith in God and His unfailing love.

Read more about how to overcome my unbelief HERE.

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Deeper faith goes hand-in-hand with surrender.

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